You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Idle adjustment strokeand the carburetor of the engine is carried out after heating to the working temperature of the cooling system (80-85 deg.). It is advisable to install a new air filter.
Then raised the hood and, armed with a screwdriver, screw the idle strokeand the tachometer set the engine speed equal to 850 rpm.
Further turning of the screw of quality of the fuel mixture (nearby) necessarymoveIMO to achieve maximum rpm, then the idle stroke is reduced to the standard by unscrewing the first bolt.
When the adjusting screw of quality of a mix is not obtained to increase the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft, spin it gently, and at the time of occurrence of interruptions in the operation of the engine, back off a half turn.
To check for correct adjustment the idle speed of the engine is required to press on the accelerator pedal, and after the development of engine and high torque abruptly let her go. If the motor is not stalled and continues to work steadily, the adjustment of the carburetor is correct.