VAZ 21099

To fix domestic VAZ 21099 does not need to be a qualified mechanic. The Russian vehicles have always been easy to operate and maintain.

VAZ 21099 belongs to the family Lada "Sputnik". It was serially produced at the Volga automobile plant from 1990 to 2004. These cars were equipped with carburetor engines VAZ 2108 (1.3 l), VAZ 21083 (1.5 l) and injection of VAZ 2111 (1.5 l).

The car does not turn on the cooling fan motor

So, you are faced with a problem in the car can not turn on the cooling fan. In this situation, do not despair, everything is fixable. Your actions will entirely depend on which engine is installed on the VAZ 21099, because carburettor and injection units, the principle of inclusion of the fan is slightly different.

The principle of inclusion of the fan

The fact that the engine VAZ 2108 21083 and the blower motor comes into action thanks to a sensor installed in the right side of the radiator for cooling. Direct activation of the fan occurs when the circuit at a temperature of 99°C. On a car manufactured before 1998, a sensor activates the fan through a special relay 113.3747 located in the mounting block. And in the injection engine VAZ 2111 cooling fan only relay the signal of the control unit.

Troubleshooting on engines VAZ 2108 and VAZ 21083

Thus, to resolve the issue on a carbureted engine, you must first verify the integrity of the fuses in the mounting block. Burnt fuses are easy to see with the naked eye. To a 1998 release, you should check and relay the blower motor. If you find that there is electrical contact between terminals “C” and “b” or no contact between “c” and “d”, the relay needs to be replaced.

Also, do not exclude the possibility of failure of a sensor installed in the car radiator and electric fan. To test their performance, enough to remove contact with the sensor and close together. If the cooling fan is earned – it's all in the sensor, no – the problem lies in the motor of the blower fan.

Check fan switch on the engine VAZ 2111

In that case, if heated injection engine, it should initially check the fuse that protects the electric circuit of the fan, then the accessory relay. Relay the cooling fan can be detected in the cabin on the passenger side under the glove box. Please make sure that the fan motor in a forced mode is triggered.

In addition, the electric fan on the engine VAZ 2111 is activated according to the sensor located on the exhaust pipe of the engine. However, to establish a malfunction of this sensor required the service of computer diagnostics.