For normal babies is considered a hemoglobin level above 110 g/L. If the analysis showed 100-110, note the mild degree of anemia. In this case, you must adjust the diet of the mother if the baby is breastfed, or replace the formula if the child – iskusstvenny.
When the level of hemoglobin below 100 g/l, as a rule, is assigned a special treatment, as well as additional tests that indicate the origin of anemia.
A slight decrease of hemoglobin can be corrected without medication. To do this, the infants under 6 months must be breastfed, because the absorbability of iron from breast milk is almost 50%, compared with meat, the richest iron product, about 25%.
If the baby gets the lure, it is necessary to consider that the most effective promote the absorption of iron vitamin C, malic, lactic acids contained in dairy products, fruits and vegetables. You should not load more fragile body of the baby animal protein. Even a small portion of meat complementary food in conjunction with these products contribute to the normalization of hemoglobin levels.
Significantly decreases the use of baby whole cow's milk, which damages the immature intestinal mucosa, resulting in the iron leaches from the body. Tea and coffee, including used lactating woman also contributes to a reduction of hemoglobin.