The level of hemoglobin in the blood of children varies with age. At birth, he is 145-225 g/l, and then starts to drop off and normal-to-year should come to the value of 100-140 g/l. then it starts to slowly grow, reaching to adolescence 115-150 g/l, and by the age of 18 — 120-160 g/l.

After reaching 18 years the hemoglobin level of an adult varies from this norm, changing only in case of serious health problems. In children the causes of the rises and falls of hemoglobin in the blood can be different factors. Therefore, the attention of parents to the blood of the baby must be serious.

The increase in hemoglobin levels due to dehydration

The first reason for the increase in the infant's blood hemoglobin level can be called simple dehydration. In the hot summer weather or when there is insufficient use of little water, the blood thickens. Its viscosity and leads to increased performance.

It's dangerous primarily because of the possibility of thrombosis as a consequence of too thick blood. Simply increasing the intake of fluids or clean water reduces the values of hemoglobin in children to the norm.

If the tests after the measures taken remained on the same level should pass the examination, they will recommend a pediatrician. In this case it is better to be safe than to perhaps no one noticed a serious problem.

In what diseases increased level of hemoglobin in the blood of children

If the average values gemoglobinovyj indicators far above normal, are appointed by examination for cancer and blood diseases. The reason just may be polycythemia — increased blood levels of red blood cells. It leads eventually to the obstruction of vessels and requires serious treatment.

Hemoglobin in children can be elevated because of heart problems, such as congenital. It can also be a symptom of intestinal obstruction. In this case, it requires a full examination of the child. An exception of serious diseases, will reassure parents, and in time diagnosis will give your baby the chance to timely medical care.

If it turns out that the disease is not serious, prescribed a diet that excludes meat, liver, fruits and berries red. The diet of the child is included more cereals, vegetables, fruits and legumes.

The child is the main wealth in any family, so caring for the health of the natural parents. Just remember that the panic is invalid and harmful in case of any discomfort of the baby.