For example, there is a very interesting method of decorating wedgies or platforms. Take sandals with wide transparent tape, scissors and a few bills. Slightly crumple a bill and pressed her to wedge, secure with tape. Continue to do this up until the whole wedge is covered with bills, then wrap it with enough tape so that the composition was well fixed. In this case, instead of paper bills can be used and other materials such as candy wrappers, foil or even paper. So your sandals will be not just unique, but also very beautiful.
A very original look sandals with rhinestone embellished studs. Take rhinestones small quantities in such quantity that they can be paste over the entire pin. Rhinestones can be as plain or multicolored. Looks especially beautiful smooth color transition from light colors to darker. In order to obtain this result, take the sandals and begin to glue the lighter crystals from the taps, and then, gradually rising above, attach all the darker crystals.
If your sandals consist of diverse straps, they can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins or beads. To do this, take your favorite sewing accessories and secure it along the straps of sandals. The rhinestones are mounted on transparent glue, beads, sequins and seed beads sewn with a needle and thread. Also for decoration straps, you can use a variety of brooches and hairpins, for example, in the form of flowers. Similar decorative elements are simply attached on strap sandals with lock. If sandals do not consist of straps, and made of solid material, they can decorate by sewing or gluing various decorative Elements: flowers, rhinestones, knitted items, etc.
Also sandals can be decorated with chains of different lengths. This element of sewing accessories can connect or even link a few thongs sandals together. Sometimes the sandals there is an additional strap fixing shoes around the feet. It can be replaced by a chain or bracelet.