You will need
  • -long leather strap, or a piece of thin leather
  • -Velcro
  • -sequins, rhinestones, studs
Cut 4 strap length approximately 32, 28, 24 and 22, see Is for one decoration. For the second cut the same strip. Their length can vary depending on the girth of the ankle, etc. don't forget to try for yourself. The width of the stripes can be both the same and different. If you cut strips from a piece of leather, then you need to bend them inwards and sew on the machine or glue.
Then make a fitting and skalyvaniem the connection of the strips with pins. Remove the straps from the legs and sew all the joints on the machine or manually if your machine is not designed for sewing leather. To the top strap that goes around the ankle, you need to sew the Velcro. Similarly, do the second decoration.
You can now decorate. Sew sequins, rhinestones, attachable spikes or riveting. To the mounting studs didn't karabali the skin of your feet can be stuck on the wrong side of the fabric straps.