About the proper technique of pinching corset wedding dresses must surely know those who will clothe the bride. Incorrect lacing at best will bring discomfort, and at worst, lead to choking, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system.
Buy dress the right size: the edges of the corset wearing of the dress should converge at a distance of from three to five inches.
Lace corset removed dress: the edges should be at equal distance from each other: from ten to twelve inches. Stringing can be as top and bottom, but the classical method of pinching is the way from top to bottom.
Thread the strap (braid or tape) into the upper grommet (hole for lanyard) in each of the halves of the corset. Noroute criss-cross from the top down to the middle. Don't forget about ten to twelve centimeter gap. Try to keep the ends of the laces were the same length.
Make two long loops, reaching the middle of the corset. Then continue lacing as usual. Tie a beautiful bow in the bottom of the corset, threading the shoelace into the bottom grommets.
Wear the dress on the bride. Evenly distribute the lacing so that the girl feel comfortable, breathe freely, was not constrained in his movements. The laces should be distributed toward the waist line. After tightening the laces, long hinge, left in the middle, tighten and tie in a bow.
Remember that tightening the corset can be done only at the waist: in any case, not on the chest – or the bride will be uncomfortable. Properly laced lace-up back allows the dress "sit" on the figure, highlighting its benefits. The corset should not hamper breathing and restrict movement of the bride. With a corset to emphasize the waist, in the place where it is needed: to do this, move to the desired level large loops on the eyelets and tie a bow.