Conventional cloth or canvas summer bag easy to transform using needle and thread. Draw on the tissue image (e.g., an animal or a flower). Then panel the outline of the image with colored beads or sequins. If you know how to embroider, you will not be difficult to decorate one side of the bags intricate designs, which will be the envy of all my friends, because the products are handmade in our time is very appreciated.
For handbags made of fabric can be also painted with special acrylic paints. Thin pencil guide lines of the future picture, then they start to paint. So you can transfer to a bag to any image, and if there is a stencil that will make it even easier. Just do not forget to put under the side that you paint, cardboard, or the part of the image, saturate, and will be on the second side of your purse.
If you sew well, of residues of non-ferrous scraps stitch a rose and decorate it your pocket if the zipper bags. Such items can also cover up scuffs or otstiryvaniya spots. If you are well knit, a rose can be linked to Pereval satin ribbon. One big flower or several small post – you decide, but maybe you prefer a bouquet of variegated flowers. For leather bags ornament will be various panels and tabs of leather scraps.
Torn handles can be replaced with today's fashionable chains, and the design of pockets this simple detail will play a positive role if one side to attach to the zipper, and the second by the end of the pocket.
If frayed seams of the bags, the connection of the pockets, sew large stitches their beautiful delicate lace or beautiful ribbon. And at the end tie a cute bow from the same ribbon.