You will need quite a bit of material, most likely did not even have to buy, because probably in every home was overlooked segments of strips, bright beads, colored thread. To ensure that all is kept, need more glue (the glue can take anyone, but please note that on the tube it was stated that it can be used for bonding rubber).

1. Shale membrane daubed with glue and until the glue has dried, wrapped the lappet shale band overlapping from left to right (or right to left). Then, give dry. If the tape moves, means a thin stick podmate the places where glue was not enough.

2. Make tassels (or POM-poms). On the thread where the tassel is tied up, strung a few beads.
The photo used imitation pearls, but you can use beads of a different color and shape, depending on the outfits that you plan to wear Slippers.

3. Sew tassels with beads to the ribbon.
Fixing the thread, hide it ends between the layers of tape. If necessary podkladyvaya the thread to the ribbon.
In the process, pay special attention to the location of tassels and beads on the slates was symmetrical, so it doesn't look that you Slippers from different pairs.

4. Do not limit yourself to one pair of slates, decorate another one in another color and style.

This way you can make "designer" slates as a gift to a friend, relative.

Tip: Better to take the satin ribbon rather than nylon.