Bright Golden sandals - dressy accessory, so they look good in a festive atmosphere. I wish to dilute the boring way, making a modicum of luxury? Adorn the feet sandals gold color! Just keep in mind that the image should not be a lot of Golden color, and then you will remind all club discus thrower is a sign of bad taste.

Gold sandals combined with:
- jewelry: pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings;
- a small bag or clutch bag gold color;
- print on top;
- Golden thin belt;
ladies gold wristwatches.

But if you have no listed accessories to be upset ahead of time is not worth it. Sandals look unobtrusive unlike closed shoes, so they are combined with different ensembles.

It is better to choose feminine outfits. For romantic natures fit long beach doll sundresses or mini dresses. The waist can emphasize a thin waist, on hands, wear large bracelets, stylish gold sandals with appliques and rhinestones.

For supporters of classical style gold sandals can be combined with a black or red dress-case. Instead of the bulky bracelets wear a small pendant on a chain, sandals has to be concise, not overloaded with unnecessary details.