Advice 1: How and what to wear with closed toe sandals

In summer everyone loves to wear more revealing clothing, and shoes. But there are times when you need to wear shoes in the summer to do this absolutely do not want. In such cases, a bail out closed toe sandals - they are appropriate at business meetings, in the office, at social events, in cloudy weather, when outdoor shoes - the wrong option.
How and what to wear with closed toe sandals

The collection of shoes from famous designers always offer fashionistas a few pairs of closed sandals. For example, the collection of Chanel - there are always a few closed applications quite go low, which in this case looks feminine and elegant.

In Christian Dior also presented many models such as sandals. You can buy sandals like a neat platform, and magnificent heels.

Closed toe sandals: what to wear?

Summer closed toe sandals go perfectly with shorts, skirts, short dresses, jumpsuits. Only a few choose not very explicit, because otherwise, it's a vulgar way.

For the business lady come closed sandals with a heel of medium size. This heel allows you to drive a car, it is stable and comfortable. For busy ladies who are constantly on the move, this option is ideal.

Closed platform sandals need to be worn with long flowing dresses and skirts lush. This Shoe is more suitable young girls, older ladies it is better to opt for closed footwear wedge.

This Shoe can be combined even with an evening attire. In many events you should wear heat closed sandals a good alternative to shoes.

But with a flared or straight pants, this Shoe does not fit. Here are not allowed shoes with open heel, better these sandals replace shoes.

Advice 2: What to wear with gold sandals

Approaching the warm summer, which all look forward. So women want to look attractive and bright, in the summer it is possible to make a reality - to get out of the open closet dresses, short shorts, tops. Well what a summer without sandals, among the faceless black-and-white shoes gold sandals sparkle bright spot!
What to wear with gold sandals
Bright Golden sandals - dressy accessory, so they look good in a festive atmosphere. I wish to dilute the boring way, making a modicum of luxury? Adorn the feet sandals gold color! Just keep in mind that the image should not be a lot of Golden color, and then you will remind all club discus thrower is a sign of bad taste.

Gold sandals combined with:
- jewelry: pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings;
- a small bag or clutch bag gold color;
- print on top;
- Golden thin belt;
ladies gold wristwatches.

But if you have no listed accessories to be upset ahead of time is not worth it. Sandals look unobtrusive unlike closed shoes, so they are combined with different ensembles.

It is better to choose feminine outfits. For romantic natures fit long beach doll sundresses or mini dresses. The waist can emphasize a thin waist, on hands, wear large bracelets, stylish gold sandals with appliques and rhinestones.

For supporters of classical style gold sandals can be combined with a black or red dress-case. Instead of the bulky bracelets wear a small pendant on a chain, sandals has to be concise, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

Advice 3: What to wear with turquoise sandals

Psychologists say that turquoise color gives a feeling of balance and inner harmony. This lovely shade has an important feature - it is suitable to absolutely everyone! Just a lot of e depends on the selected hue - from light green to pale blue.
What to wear with turquoise sandals
A wide selection of models

The color of the turquoise several seasons is not coming from the catwalks. Designers use it in the collections of clothes, shoes, accessories. In summer, the actual turquoise platform sandals. These shoes are perfect for everyday use, but also during special events would be appropriate.

Among the models of sandals turquoise wedges the most relevant:
- dense tissue, are provided with a cork sole;
- concise options from exotic reptile skin, thick fabric, soft suede leather, provided with a cork sole;
- the Flirty options with all sorts of flowers, bows, stones, buckles and beads;
- sandals, equipped with straps, tying or buttoning around the ankles.

You are the owner of turquoise sandals? Well, it's time to know what to wear!

Shoes turquoise color goes well with wide and narrow pants, light flowing tunics and dresses of different lengths, short denim skirts, tunics.

To sandals turquoise as a color companion, you can choose clothing coal black, blue, white, Golden hue. Look good mix turquoise with pastel shades. Bright turquoise shoes will accent.

Wear turquoise sandals with a skirt or dress, emerald, scarlet or yellow tones - will be a spectacular combination!

Advice 4: What to wear with red sandals

Summer, warm sun, flowering trees, greenery everywhere, all uplifting. And the girls even more can cheer you up buying new sandals, especially bright red. The more feet in these sandals will not stay without men's attention. The main thing to look stylish, you need to learn how to combine these shoes with the clothes.
What to wear with red sandals

First, open shoes in any case can not be worn with stockings, socks or tights of any color, it is bad form. Second, the combination of red dresses, red lipstick and red accessories with red sandals will look mildly vulgar. Third, the black high-necked dress made of thick fabric and long sleeves looks too heavy for sandals and red pants will merge in color with the red shoes.

A bright and romantic finish can be obtained by combining a light white dress, strappy sundress with berry or floral print. White clutch, white and cream-colored hat and red sandals with heels and wedges will complement this airy and delicate style.

Look stylish and daring girls you can create with a combination of red skirts, white blouses or shirts and red sandals with heels. Playful and Flirty will result from a combination of red sandals and a blue dress with white polka dots. This image seamlessly complement a thin red strap.

Business, but not too strict will result from the combination of the trousers of black leather, white blouses silky fabric and red sandals.

A great way for the party can be obtained by combining red block heel sandal with a red tank top simply cut and white skirt. Levity in the way to add accessories like a white watch and a flower headband.

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