The collection of shoes from famous designers always offer fashionistas a few pairs of closed sandals. For example, the collection of Chanel - there are always a few closed applications quite go low, which in this case looks feminine and elegant.

In Christian Dior also presented many models such as sandals. You can buy sandals like a neat platform, and magnificent heels.

Closed toe sandals: what to wear?

Summer closed toe sandals go perfectly with shorts, skirts, short dresses, jumpsuits. Only a few choose not very explicit, because otherwise, it's a vulgar way.

For the business lady come closed sandals with a heel of medium size. This heel allows you to drive a car, it is stable and comfortable. For busy ladies who are constantly on the move, this option is ideal.

Closed platform sandals need to be worn with long flowing dresses and skirts lush. This Shoe is more suitable young girls, older ladies it is better to opt for closed footwear wedge.

This Shoe can be combined even with an evening attire. In many events you should wear heat closed sandals a good alternative to shoes.

But with a flared or straight pants, this Shoe does not fit. Here are not allowed shoes with open heel, better these sandals replace shoes.