The essence of cycle-training

The name "France" comes from the English word cycle, which means "Bicycle". This kind of fitness lives up to its name. Training on special exercise bikes, under the fiery music and in front of the big screen. It shows the terrain that is "overcome". It can be a mountain landscape, sea coast, beautiful hills. Such entourage is created in order to distract from the gravity loads and permit you feel the passion.

Believe me, to distract is from what: this exercise involves a really severe load. The cycle is considered to be extreme fitness, because these workouts under force far not to everyone. That is why the cycle is more suitable for those who have good health and trained body, but even such people workout is absolutely exhausting.

However, levels of Cycling vary in difficulty, and you can start practicing, even if you don't consider yourself a serious athlete. Before training you have to go through a fitness test. In good clubs where the trainers care about the health of the clients is mandatory.. If any testing is not offered, it is better to find another club for your own good. In the case of heart problems, knee injuries or predisposition to some diseases of the feet, from the cycle it is better to refrain.
Cycling exercise have contraindications, including hypertension, high or low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease.

First cycle-training

Arriving at practice for the first time, do not try immediately to take the most difficult loads, even if you are an experienced athlete or want to lose weight. Wrong choice of the load – a common mistake among pitying lose weight fast. To workout was not to the detriment of, to accustom your body to the load gradually. To begin understand the correct breathing technique and position of hands and legs when performing exercises that are done sitting and standing. Fitness instructor in case you need some help.

How to train

To go to Cycling classes are recommended several times a week. The best option to three times a week. With such frequency as cycle training will be most useful and will give the maximum effect. Many reviews on the forums of women and girls who have already managed to enjoy this kind of fitness, it is once again confirmed.
The result of cycle training will bring in 1.5-2 months. Sike aerobics allows you to achieve perfect relief the body faster than many other types of fitness.
To warm up the body before exercise, you can do cardio, like get on a treadmill and walk on it briskly for 10-15 minutes. After Cycling exercise, be sure to perform some stretching exercises.