To get catchy and fun, dancers must gather quite a lot. All stand in a circle or in two circles one inside the other: inside - female outside male. If dancers are not very many, you can also get in line. The dancers weave the hands, and forming hands horizontal, with your palm lie on the shoulders of neighbors (at least – on the waist).
The dance begins with slow part. Dancers take a step to the right, put your left foot in your right foot and then the opposite side and put the right leg. The same movement is repeated on the first beat.
The dancers then take a step to the right on the right foot and the left vsecret put on the sock front. The same movement is done to the left side, with his left foot.
The next movement is similar to the previous one, only the leg is placed behind the supporting secrest.
Then the dancers take a step to the right on the right foot and the left output forward, without lifting from the floor. Similarly to the left side.
Followed by this item: dancers doing the step right, step left foot secrest back, then step with your right foot, setting your left foot to the right and lunge on the right leg relaxed right. Then the dancer rises, transfers the weight to the left foot and puts his right foot to the left. Similar movements bore in the opposite direction.
Similarly, in Sirtaki various steps, lunges, squats and form a new dance figure.
Quick part is a so-called movement of "zig-zag". Dancers faster run sideways in a circle, alternating crossing feet. Music is constantly accelerating, forcing the participants of the dance to be more attentive and agile.