Many historians agree that the word "conceit" comes from the Indian expression "svayati" - to grow, increase, multiply. According to another hypothesis, this definition is consonant with the Czech idiom "čvaňhat", which translated into Russian language means endless chatter or empty talk. And finally, some linguists claim that conceited is an adjective, pribavlenie to the sounds of people tratarasa or talking without stopping. Gradually, in the Russian language appeared the word "conceited" or "snobby".Swagger is reflected in several characteristics. First, swagger is comparable to an arrogant attitude to the past of the people, their cultural and historical values, accumulated knowledge and wealth of experience of individual representatives of a nation or state. In other words, arrogance is a manifestation of disrespect to the generally accepted in a certain society's moral qualities.Another definition of arrogance is the haughtiness, conceit, vanity. These qualities that a person shows when erect its achievements in the scope of "universal admiration". He openly demonstrates his knowledge and his destiny. He puts on airs and grimaces, and he's proud that he has accomplished. A proud person thinks that he is special, exceptional, inimitable. However, his opinion is not supported by the people around them, as, in fact, a proud citizen exaggerate or embellish their actual merits.Swagger is now recognized a quality that must be eradicated in society. It despised and rejected, that's why people with manifestations of the above qualities often remain in exile, if not change their arrogance and vanity.