Causes a gag reaction in cats

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The most common cause of vomiting in cats is common wool. This is due to the fact that every day they lick their fur, thereby purifying it. Therefore it is no surprise that the clumps of wool into the stomach of your pet and begin to irritate the digestive tract.
At the pet store to buy a tool for the prevention of hairball formation in the stomach and intestines of a cat. If you notice that your favorite often licks the fur, begin to give her this tool.

The following is the cause of vomiting in cats is based on eating speed of eating. It is seen most often in cases where the owners have two or more cats. The fact is that animals can compete with each other and eat as much food as possible, not only in his bowl, but in the next. In this case it is necessary to feed animals in separate rooms.

Natural cause of vomiting in cats is eating plants. Cats do it to specifically to cause a gag reaction, cleansing through vomiting your body.
It is also possible that the break between meals the animal is too big. In order not to overload the stomach of the cat, feed her more frequently but in small portions.

In addition, nausea and vomiting can cause a normal trip, because most cats are very quickly swayed in transport. To avoid this, you need to give up feeding before you leave and give a special medication for motion sickness. To purchase such a tool in veterinary pharmacy.

How would it sounds strange, but pregnancy can also cause a gag reaction. Typically, this occurs in the third week of "interesting situation" when the body of a cat undergoes various hormonal changes. But after a few days the vomiting passes.

The presence of worms also can cause nausea in cats. If that's the reason, an urgent need to go to the doctor-veterinarian. He will recommend a special medicine which will help your pet.

When nausea and vomiting in cats are a danger?

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Remember that gag reaction may become dangerous for the animal. So you need to immediately consult a doctor in cases where:
the cat looks tired and lethargic after vomiting;
- vomit has blood or a foreign body;
cat vomit more than two times;
- gag reaction occurs regardless of the meal.

If you have any one of these symptoms in the near future bring your pet to the vet. The doctor should very accurately describe the condition of the animal. For example, how many times a day sick cat, smell, composition and color vomit, and good appetite in an animal, whether it is drinking water. In addition, you need to prepare all the documents about the diseases suffered by the cat, and made her vaccinations.

You need to always remember that life, health and well-being of the animal is largely dependent on the owner. And so it is important to pay careful attention to your pet.