Of course, the first your desire must become an urgent visit to the vet. But what if the vet is not available, but to save an animal need? You can provide emergency assistance on their own. Vomiting is relevant only in the first two hours after the poisoning, since then have needed skilled care.
лечение кота при отравлении
Quickly we must act, if an animal has ingested substances that cause increased blood clotting, arsenic, painkiller. The cause of poisoning may be spoiled food, household chemicals. If you see that the animal increased salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and tremors, convulsive jerking of the muscles, rapid shallow breathing – take action immediately.
какова вероятность полного восстановления печени у котенка после отравления
It is better if you act not alone but with a helper. Hold the cat, open her mouth and pour the solution of salt (2-3 teaspoons per Cup of water). Do not lift the animal's head, yet give him to drowned. You can use just water, in large quantities.
лечение печени у кошки
Vomiting should not be called cat if it is already pulled out, if she is in a coma, if she swallowed sharp objects, acid or alkali, oil, detergent, solvent.
Что делать, если у кошки пироплазмоз
After the cat threw up, you must reduce the concentration of toxic substances in the digestive tract. It is necessary to unsolder the cat with water and put a cleansing enema. For gastric lavage can give a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, strong tea, and for absorption of the poison – activated charcoal.
как снять тошноту у кошки
Don't forget - all your actions are directed first and foremost to provide pet first aid and not to replace treatment by a veterinarian.