Healthy cat features lights in the eyes, shiny coat and good appetite. Cause for concern may be the fact that the cat refuses to eat for 24 hours or more. Similar behavior of the pet often indicates the development of diseases such as:• Viral infection, protoplay smell and taste receptors of the cat.• Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.• The presence in the stomach of a pet foreign body. His presence is evidenced by the constant vomiting and simultaneous with constipation.• Internal bleeding caused by a traffic accident or fall from a great height.• Renal failure.• Cancer.• Inflammation of internal organs.• Diseases of the blood and urinary system.To avoid complications, the cat should be seen by a veterinarian. Carefully follow all recommendations of a specialist, and then your pet will go faster on the amendment.But not always, the refusal to eat is a cause of serious health disorders of your pet. Loss of appetite in the cat (anorexia) may be due to stress caused by a visit to the veterinary hospital, the arrival of a large group of friends or harassment from the other resident of the apartment (dogs). In this case, the cat chooses fasting as a protest.How to return the appetite Cotacachi situation when the cat refuses to eat, are temporary. To return the appetite will help the proper care and attention of the owner. Most try to change the food in the bowl for the pet, diversify it. Cats are finicky and will not eat the same dish for a long time.The pet should be comfortable in the room. If he is confused by the noise and bustle that accompanies the arrival of the guests, then transfer at the time of his bowl in a quiet place. There he will be able to calm down and eat.