Before consultation of a veterinarian it is advisable for your pet to hold a one-day starvation diet.
лечение кота при отравлении
If your pet is diagnosed with "renal failure", check the information about the disease.
Renal failure is a progressive disorder of renal function, in which the excretory system fails, and the metabolic products begin to accumulate in the animal body. The disease has acute and chronic. Early detection with appropriate treatment, the life expectancy of a cat is large enough. Therefore, strictly follow the recommendations of the expert.
отравление кота лечение
The course of treatment of renal failure consists of symptomatic measures and prevention of development of disease. If your pet is dehydrated, carry out intravenous infusion. At regularly recurring vomiting prescribe antiemetic drugs. If the animal lost in weight, is assigned to a high-calorie diet, appetite stimulation variety of special additives are allowed, and even the introduction of food through a probe.
восстановление печени у котенка после отравления
If the disease took a chronic form, except for specialist advice, your cat need additional methods of examination. It usually includes a General and biochemical blood analysis, urine analysis and ultrasonography of the kidneys.
лечение кошки от застоя мочи
After diagnosis follow all the doctor's appointments, monitor the condition of the animal, inform the vet about all the changes in the health and behavior of cats, and protect it from stressful situations. To prevent the development of disease is very important is the introduction of a diet without salt and spices, to limit the release of phosphorus from food. The diet should be based on lowering the amounts of proteins. In pet stores large selection of prepared feeds for Pets suffering from kidney failure.
утром хожу в туалет дважды