Causes of ingrown corns

Ingrowing corns develop in areas of frequent squeezing or rubbing, which can be caused by tight shoes, poor quality socks, tights or stockings. Often arise such corn between the toes or on the foot. The skin tries to defend itself, so surrounded by a large additional layers of the epidermis. And growing layers of the skin. As a result, these layers and are deformed in the solid corn. If you do not start in time to deal with this problem, the corn penetrates into the deeper layers, eventually reaching the nerve and causing intense pain when walking.
To remove have not only grown corn, but its core – the root.

When you encounter such problems you should immediately change shoes. Prefer not shoes with high heels, flats or gym shoes where the feet will feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure to consult your doctor as it is not always possible to get rid of ingrowing corns at home, there is a great risk of infection. In addition, you can make ingrown callus over the wart, and yourself to get rid of it can be dangerous. It requires medical assistance.

Methods of treatment of ingrown corns

Specialists can offer you several ways and options removal of ingrowing corns. The simplest is to use special creams or ointments, and plasters, which gently dissolve the corn, the result will be to remove its remains with pumice. In some cases, the doctor may advise for more radical methods, unfortunately, are not so comfortable is the laser therapy or cryotherapy. Corn and remove in the beauty parlor, and drilling with the root using milling cutters of various types, then this place is disinfected with antimicrobials and bandaging.
For the removal of old corn will have to undergo three to five sessions.

If the corn grown is not too deep, can try homemade versions of getting rid of it. Useful in foot bath that you want to do in the evening and morning. For this purpose, coniferous concentrate or sea salt. After the bath RUB the place of formation of the calluses with a pumice stone. Then attach to the sore spot a crumb of bread dipped in table vinegar and leave for a few hours. Then remove the wrap and RUB with a pumice stone again.

Garlic – a proven tool to combat ingrown calluses. Make the juice from it and apply a blister three times a day. Worse helps freshly prepared juice of celandine or dandelion.