The main symptoms and causes of ingrown nail

Signs of ingrown toenail include:
- aching pain, aggravated by walking;
- swelling and redness around the nail;
- purulent discharge.

Causes of ingrown nails:
- wrong pedicure (too deeply cut nail corners);
- tight shoes in a duet with high heels;
a predisposition to ingrown hairs;
- circulatory disorders of the feet;
- a finger injury in the area of the nail.

If you have the initial stage with redness and mild pain, which is not very much you are concerned about the treatment of the nail can begin with the application of traditional medicine.

Treatment of ingrown nail at home

There are several effective ways to cope with this problem.

Method # 1. Cut the ingrown toenail. Before you can remove the ingrown nail, it is recommended to float it with a bath with an antibacterial effect - furatsilina. So you remove the inflammation and disinfect. Once the nail is well sasparilla, you have to start the cutting.
To cut the nail carefully, without strong angles and curves.

If the nail hurts badly, before cutting off in a few days make compresses with pine oil or tea mushroom. Many folk healers recommend to use before mini-operation that is Kombucha. This will rsslite it into two parts. One of the parts, wrap sore thumb, wrapped it in foil and put on two pairs of socks - plain cotton and wool. After 2-3 days, you can safely proceed to the removal of ingrown nail.

Note that the new nail after the procedure of removing again not rooted, it is necessary to enclose under it a thin gauze/cotton layer moistened with healing ointment or oil (castor, olive, sunflower), and to abandon uncomfortable, narrow shoes.

Method # 2. Filing. To start for 10-15 minutes put your foot in a warm soapy bath with the addition of soda. Wipe dry fingers. Take a triangular needle file or a regular file, pre-disinfected them with alcohol. First scratch the nail surface to 0.1-0.2 mm, and then carefully saw along him a hollow at the top and to the white line, about 2/3 deep.
After the procedure for 2-3 days 2 times a day lubricate the place of growing or Lugol solution youxun. In order to prevent for several months the corners cut the nail along.

Visually, you should get the book, where the pages are the edges of the nail. The deeper you saw through, the faster the corners of the nail will protrude. As a result, they come out from under the skin, thus the problem with the ingrown nail removed painless way.

However, if the pain persists, you should seek the assistance of a surgeon or a good chiropodist.