Advice 1: How to treat thorn in the foot

The spikes on the legs usually appear on the sole and causing pain when walking. The easiest way to get rid of the thorn, turning to the doctor. But if you are afraid to go to the clinic, try to cope with the spike means at hand.
How to treat thorn in the foot
Rasparte foot in a basin of hot water, which add some sea salt to disinfect the skin. Then, using tweezers, try to get thorn. If it is big enough, you should be okay. Small thorns extract in this way is not likely to succeed. Don't forget to treat depression in the skin, which will remain in place remote spike.
Will rascality over the stove a copper plate, and then cool to a temperature of 45-50 degrees. Gently apply it to the affected area and wrap the top with a warm cloth. After overlaying the plate perhaps a strong burning sensation, but it's worth a little patience, as the procedure in most cases has a good result. Procedure is carried out for 3-5 days, usually this is enough time to spike out. If there is no effect, continue treatment until, until you achieve the desired result.
Daily RUB into the thorn ordinary cement. This method is very good for small tenons, but to cure this method will not work.
Buy in the drugstore tincture "Argonika". In its composition contains silver which helps in the treatment of spikes. Do not dilute the drug with water, apply a few drops directly on the tongue. Before the procedure it is recommended to steam the foot in hot water. Don't forget to stick a band-aid on spike. Use the tool as long as the spike will not come.
If you feel very severe pain, and spike goes after all the procedures, go to the hospital. The surgeon will pull the tongue in just a few minutes. In some cases, treatment with laser.
It should be noted that home treatment does not always helps, so it makes no sense to suffer. After the removal of a thorn in the hospital the process of healing of the foot passes quickly and without complications.

Advice 2 : What is Chipita on the foot and how to get rid of it

Growths on the soles of the feet, causing a tingling pain when walking, popularly called "sepics" because of feelings like stuck in my foot a thorn. To get rid of them. At the clinic they are broken down by nitrogen, laser, shock or chemicals. At home you can try to cope with spicami, and prepare drug according to folk recipes.
Tipica on the foot is a result of the activity of human papilloma virus

Tipica on the foot: what is this disease and why it occurs?

Chipita is a skin growth of the foot, similar to a wart or grated corn. Yellow with pink threadlike formations, it usually affects the heel area or located under the big toe – in the place where the limb is most often rubbed.

The appearance of sepici on the human body due to exposure to human papilloma virus or pathogenic fungus. By weakening the immune system or high humidity conditions the foot becomes infected and hurts like it was pricked, and when walking uncomfortable and the pain only intensified. After inspection, problem feet one finds education covered with a dense film of dead skin cells, which grow filiform papillae.

Ways to get rid of chipits

Surgical diathermy nitrogen is a painless procedure, recognized to date, the most effective way to remove shipit. After treatment of the patient area on the surface of the skin remains a little hole, but it quickly tightened without the formation of scars.

Laser and radio-wave methods are also painless and safe, and often one session is enough to get rid of Lipitsy. But to remove overgrown on the skin surface and sprouted into formations may require multiple procedures.

The chemical removal of chipits involves the use of acids and alkalis, however, this procedure should be performed only by an experienced technician who knows a lot about chemical reagents. To avoid chemical burns, the doctor should treat the healthy surrounding skin with baby cream or vaseline.

The difficulty of the treatment of sepic is that their roots are able to penetrate deep into the skin, causing grows new education. If the foot is "decorated" with many different size sipic, you first need to remove most of it. And then a small, regrown from its roots of education, will disappear.

Treatment of chipits on the foot folk remedies

At least the appearance of sepici quickly to cope with it will help celandine extract, which is sold in the pharmacy. After treatment the patient area for several consecutive days, the wart disappears. In the same way used vinegar essence.

Peeled onion RUB and pour the solution of vinegar. On the affected foot apply the patch, having cut in it an opening corresponding to the size of Lipitsy. Next, the mixture is applied on the visible part sepici, and on top of it is covered with another piece of tape. This procedure must be performed at night for more prolonged exposure to medicinal agents.

To cope with overgrown sepica will help young nettles. Clean the chopped leaves are spread on large burdock leaf and wrap them in the foot. Burdock is fixed with a bandage or adhesive plaster, and on top put on warm socks. If you carry out this procedure before going to sleep, in the morning from the growths will not be over.
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