Try to remove corn core conservative method. If the corn is fresh and its root has not yet had time to grow deep into the skin, and to see a specialist is not possible, you can try to cope with the problem alone. Steam the skin in hot soapy water or apply on the day on the skin area with corn special bactericidal plaster. Next, you'll need a band-aid where you want to cut out a hole the size of corn. Glue the plasters on the toes, insert in the hole a few drops of vinegar. Way home burn core corn very traumatic and should be used only in extreme cases.
Remove the corn with the aid of cryotherapy treatments. The use of liquid nitrogen is equivalent to burning corn – the doctor applies to the corn one or two drops of the drug, which instantly freezes the tissues, causing cell death and subsequent rejection. A few days later the piece of damaged skin can be safely removed, where the stem of corn formed a new skin.
Go through the procedure of laser therapy. Modern method of treatment of many diseases and pathological conditions is a painless and effective way to remove stem of corn. Special tool specialist like "vaporizes" the corn, leaving this place smooth skin.
Contact a specialist pedicure. For removal of non-running blisters suitable method of mechanical drilling. With the help of cutting tools the desired diameter master pedicure removes corn together with the root and puts in the formed hole, an antiviral drug. Passing is required for complete removal of corn the number of pain-free treatments, you can permanently get rid of painful sensations.
Drink a course of antiviral drugs. If the origin of the corn virus, you need to get rid of the disease and to reduce to a minimum the risk of relapse. The dermatologist will recommend antiviral drugs that will cope with the causative agent – you must complete the course fully and to confirm the result of the relevant tests.