Causes of

There are many reasons for ingrown hairs. For example, hormonal changes, trauma to the hair, shaving against the hair growth.

Ingrown hairs can appear after hair removal at home and after hair removal professional. Cosmetologists believe that the growing of hair depends on the number and density of flakes of epidermal layer. A large number of layers of flakes makes the skin tight, so growing hair is difficult to break through the protective layer, and he can bend and continue to grow horizontally.

People with dark and curly hair are more susceptible to other ingrown hairs. This is due to the fact that the hair grows quicker than light.

Also, the appearance of ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable, tight, synthetic underwear. It does not allow to evaporate the moisture and may cause infection.

Methods of getting rid of ingrown hairs

There are several ways to remove ingrown hair. To choose a suitable method, it is necessary to determine the nature of the ingrown hairs.

If the hair is close, and there is no inflammation, you can just steam the skin and conduct an exfoliating scrub or a hard sponge. It can be done every day. If you fail to completely release the hair, this way to at least ease his exit.

If the skin with ingrown hair inflamed, you can use any remedy against acne. A few days after inflammation subsides, you can make peeling.

If there is a small seal and redness, the hair is very deep. In this case, a mechanical way to release the hair with the help of forceps and needle. It is better to consult a specialist, for example, to the beautician. But if this is not possible, then you need to steam the place with ingrown hair with warm compresses and be sure to disinfect with antiseptic. After that, a sterile needle should gently pry the ingrown hair and remove with tweezers. The wound should be treated with antiseptic.

Prevention of ingrown hairs

Than to get rid of ingrown hairs, it is better to resort to preventive measures. Before waxing, you must do the peeling, which cleans the skin from sweat and remove dead skin cells. After waxing to soften the skin moisturizer. Do not wear tight, synthetic underwear immediately after epilation.

If no methods do not help and the hairs continue to grow, you should refer to the beautician. Specialist can offer hardware methods of hair removal such as laser hair removal.