You will need
  • medical services;
  • - cosmetic services;
  • - patch of dry calluses;
  • - vinegar;
  • - citric acid;
  • - superestate;
  • - band-aid;
  • soda;
  • - liquid soap;
  • - hot water;
  • mustard powder;
  • - tweezers;
  • - nail clippers;
  • - nail clippers.
To remove corn in medical conditions, contact the clinic or private clinic. You will remove the corn by means of laser therapy or cryotherapy. It is a painless procedure is less traumatic and leads to a complete solution of the problem in a short time.
You can also consult a specialist pedicure. In terms of the beauty of the Cabinet master to steam the corn, remove the top layer using the tools and inner rod using the machine using various cutters. Cutters come in different thickness and selecting the desired size, you can remove the rod without damaging the fabric which is not subjected to defeat. Procedure for cosmetic removal of the corn is practically painless and with proper selection of the size of the cutters does not lead to bleeding.
At home, you can remove the corn using traditional methods. Steam corn in the bath with hot water. For best results, add the water, soda and liquid soap or dry mustard powder. Carefully cut the top layer with nail scissors or tweezers, stick to the corn plaster with hole size stem and drip onto the rod vinegar, superchatel or citric acid. This method helps to burn the rod, but does not guarantee that you completely get rid of it and don't get burn. So decide for yourself whether to take the help of professionals or the use of very questionable methods.
In prescription the patch, designed to remove calluses dry. Stick it on a blister, keep the specified package time, remove, cut off the softened callus with scissors or tweezers, pull the stem with the tweezers, fill the hole with iodine and apply a sterile dressing. To change the dressing until the hole is fully tightened a new skin, because it can get infected.
To prevent the core of corns, time to remove foreign objects, stones or splinters, do not wear tight shoes, do not visit public places, for example, steam room, sauna or pool without rubber Slippers.