Advice 1: How to remove the root callus on the foot

Root hard blister on the foot causing a person soreness. The pain occurs due to irritation of the cutaneous nerves of the Horny masses. Most often the root of the blisters formed in places of constant friction on a hard surface shoes.
How to remove the root callus on the foot

Removing root corn at home

The first sign of solid (dry) corn root is the excessive thickening of the stratum corneum. He puts pressure on the soft tissues, results in the formation of a bunion (or hyperkeratosis). Further increase in horn mass occurs inland, in the direction of the deep layers of the dermis. Over time, the vertex of the cone "appears" with the end of the nerve. The result is damage and irritation, which can cause pain and inflammation. The formed solid root corn looks like a rounded education and view glazed, with a slightly brown or yellowish tinge, having a diameter to 3 mm. When it appears to step on the foot to become very painful.
To get rid of the root of corn on condition of removing its web.

To remove a corn at home, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. One of them recommends the bandage to the affected area at night the finely chopped pulp from ripe tomatoes. In this case, the root of the corn will come off in layers. Every morning after removal of such wrap need razmyagchayuschiesya carefully clean off the top layer of sanding foot file or pumice.

Solid corn root from the foot is removed also with baked onions. Onion bake in the oven, cut it in half and put cut to the affected area. Then a foot wrap for the night. Repeat this procedure at least 5 times. To its effectiveness was higher, you need to wear thick socks over the bandage. Instead of onions have also used the lemon, scrolled through a meat grinder. Before the packs of tomato or onion daily is recommended to steam the foot in hot soap-soda solution for 30-40 minutes, then scrape off the top layer of rough skin.
To remove corn root, you can use purchased at the pharmacy, keratolytic cream or remedy for warts "Cheap".

How to bring root the corn with the help of plaster "Sliped"

In the treatment of corns is well established patch of "Sliped". Active ingredients product is a sulfur and salicylic acid. "Sliped" helps to get rid of keratinized layers of epithelium, causing death of the pathogenic bacteria on the surface. Before applying the patch you need to make a warm foot bath, then wiped his feet dry, applied to corn patch. You should wear it for two days. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times, until tender and separation of corn. It can't be "Sloboda" in case of hypersensitivity to components of drug, in renal failure, the presence of moles in area of treatment, pregnancy. The tool is not used in children.

Advice 2 : How to remove corns on toes

If in the morning you put on new sandals, and in the evening can not step on the foot due to the resultant calluses, immediately take off clothes and start to troubleshoot this problem. The point is serious. And don't panic if you don't know how to remove corns on the toes. Useful advice has not been canceled.
How to remove corns on toes
First of all it is necessary to make a hot bath with potassium permanganate or 2% solution of boric acid. Then carefully dry feet and callus sprinkle talcum powder oil or baby cream.
You can try vodka compress. Spread corn vodka, put bintovuju bandage, cover with plastic wrap, and foot wear woolen socks.
If the fingers formed calluses with fluid, then in any case do not puncture them - this can lead to infection! Lubricate the blister with green paint and wait until it subsides. If a blister has burst, it is necessary to process the surface of any liquid disinfectant (3% hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine), and then to isolate corn vintovoi bandage or band-aid.
If a blister on the fingers of old and dead skin, to get rid of it in the following way: take a hot bath with sea salt or cooking soda. After that, take a special knife to remove calluses, or a pumice stone and clean off scuff marks. Then treat the skin with a nourishing cream and put on cotton socks.
In pharmacies sell special plasters to remove calluses. If you prefer this method - be sure to try it.
To combat calluses on your fingers you can try and folk remedies. For example, bind to the affected area, the leaves of cabbage, roll up something warm and leave for the night. You can also try to lubricate the worn vegetable oil within a few days the corn will gradually soften and disappear.
With weeping or constantly inflamed blisters it is recommended to immediately consult the dermatologist.
To corn did not appear again, you need to invest in shoes silicone pads that will protect your toes from scuffs.
If blisters occur regularly, then you picked the wrong shoes. High heels, wrong Ushem as well as tight shoes contribute to the formation of calluses and cause deformation of the foot.

Advice 3 : How to get rid of calluses on feet

Corn is a limited thickening of the keratinized layer of the skin. The cause of may be prolonged pressure or friction. Calluses on feet are very painful. They come in dry, moist and even blood. There are many recipes of traditional medicine, with which you can easily deal with the blisters.
How to get rid of calluses on feet
You will need
  • pine oleoresin;
  • - onion peel, Apple cider vinegar;
  • - garlic, butter, soda, citric acid;
  • - the leaves of the iris garden;
  • - figs;
  • - ammonia, wax, wormwood vodka.
For the treatment of fresh torn or blood blisters, take the fresh SAP of any coniferous tree. Apply corn resin and cover the patch. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a day. Within two days the wound heals.
For the treatment of dry corn on the foot, prepare onion peel. Soak the husks of the old onion in the wine or Apple cider vinegar for 5-7 days. Before the procedure, rasparte feet in warm water with baking soda or lemon juice, grind the corn with a pumice stone. Apply on the corn taken out of the vinegar onion peel a layer of 0.2-0.3 cm. Cover with plastic wrap and secure with a bandage. Change the compress 2 times a day. In the evening soak feet in warm water and treat with a pumice stone. If the corn is not removed, again apply a poultice with onion skin. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of blisters.
Painful calluses treat in the following way. Pass through a garlic press 2 cloves of garlic and mix with an equal amount of butter. Components grind until smooth and apply on the corn. Fix it with a patch. The procedure is repeated twice a day. Before bedtime do foot baths with baking soda or lemon juice. Processed pumice, again impose a compress with the garlic butter. Corn disappears within 3-4 days.
The disappearance of blisters helps milky juice of figs ordinary. Add to corn the inner surface of the cut fruit and lock it with the bandage. Perform the procedure daily at night.
On the hardened skin of the feet can be applied steamed leaves of iris, which contributed to painless removal of corns. Finely chop the leaves of the iris garden, cover with boiling water. Attach to feet, cover with cellophane and secure with a bandage. The procedure time is 2-3 hours. The skin is well softened and easily removed with a pumice stone.
Rasparte feet in warm water with addition of ammonia. Treating the corn with a pumice stone, apply the following remedy. Mix 5 grams of wax, a tablespoon of mashed fresh sage and 15 ml of vodka. The composition should have the consistency of a slurry. Apply it on the sore spot and, fixing a bandage, leave overnight. In the morning the bandage can be removed, but if you can – better to leave. Follow the procedure 3-4 times.
After getting rid of corn should avoid its re-occurrence. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes, if you want to use talc.
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