You will need
  • - aloe;
  • - adhesive plaster, pumice;
  • - salt, soda, propolis;
  • pine oleoresin;
  • - potatoes, honey;
  • - wax, tarragon, vodka;
  • - glycerin, castor oil, acetic acid 70%, vegetable oil.
A good healing effect when wet callus has aloe. Cut a small piece of aloe along the sheet and divide it in half. Apply a half of a piece of sheet cut to corn and secure with a band-aid. Do not remove the patch during the day. Removing, treat a blister with tincture of iodine. If necessary, repeat the procedure with the aloe leaf.
Use the propolis to remove the corn. Pre-steam feet in soap-soda bath for 15 minutes. To prepare the solution take a liter of water a teaspoon of drinking soda, tablespoon of salt. Feet wipe and attach to corn warmed plate clean of propolis. Fix it with adhesive plaster or bandage if a blister on the sole. Do not remove the bandage for 5 days. After removing remove the softened callus with a pumice stone, pre-steam the legs.
Wet corn heals quickly and is easily removed if it is to impose any fresh resin of coniferous trees. SAP seal the plaster. Change through the day.
Dead skin calluses can be easily removed when using the following composition. RUB on a small grater one potato. Mix half a Cup of grated potatoes with a tablespoon of honey. Attach to the keratinized areas of the skin the application of prepared mixture and secure with a bandage. Once a day replace the contents fresh.
Take 5 grams of wax, a tablespoon of mashed and crushed leaves of wormwood and vodka. All components and grind until smooth. Legs stew in a soap-soda bath. Soaked to the skin, apply corn to the mixture and fix it with a patch.
Take a tablespoon of glycerin and castor oil, a teaspoon of acetic acid, 70%. Stir the composition. Rasparte feet in soap-soda solution and slightly dry, plenty of grease and dead skin. Then put on the legs, plastic bags and cotton socks. The procedure to follow for the night. In the morning wash your feet with soap and water and remove razmyagchayuschiesya the skin. Then brush the corn with vegetable oil or fat cream.