Master, as such, was approved in domestic universities is not more than 10 years ago and first of all paid tribute to the modern scientific fashion. Unlike the common Soviet high school with a specialty in Europe since tsarist times, has remained the tradition of the two-stage education, which focused the students on a science activity or productive labor.


Master's degree - the highest level of free education after the baccalaureate adopted in Russia two-stage system of higher education . It is intended for those who do not see their future without the constant scientific development, is not itself outside of the main flow of information and modern scientific works. Training on obtaining the title of "master" only lasts 2 years vs 4 years taken to acquire the title "bachelor". Selection of applicants is carried out only on competitive basis after passing special examinations and provided excellent and good ratings.
All curriculum students applying for the master's degree, are developed individually and approved personally by the Dean of the faculty.

Upon graduation the student is required to take your scientific work, which will be the finale of his training as a specialist of a certain, often narrow qualifications - master's thesis.

Successful students study for free, receive a stipend, are entitled to reside in the hostel.

Value of graduate degree

The result of two intense years of work will be a diploma of specialized education and desirable qualifications. Throughout the period of training the future masters gain the ability to:
- more in-depth study of a selected subject,
- conducting research on matters of interest,
- purchasing additional points, which will be considered for admission to the graduate school.

Masters honors sometimes even manage to acquire some experience teachers.

After completion of the master's student must make difficult life choices associated with future scientific activity: will it be a way towards further exploration of the selected subject, postgraduate studies and, as a consequence, teaching activity, or a direct route into the profession.

Master's degree is designed to prepare serious professionals to work, you need a strong analytical or production companies operating in Russia and abroad, and is usually a kind of a through ticket on a leading position in the staffing of large companies.