Symptoms of miscarriage

In medical terminology, a miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion on the timing to 22 weeks. After this period, the fetus is considered viable, and the child can try to save. But most miscarriages happen in early pregnancy to 12 weeks, with each week the chance of miscarriage decreases.

Causes of miscarriage can be mild women's health, incorrectly started the development of the embryo, gynecological diseases, hormonal disruptions, injuries, high stress. Although stress can really influence the course of pregnancy, in fact in most cases the female body is very durable and can withstand even severe suffering.

In some cases, a healthy woman can not give birth, as every pregnancy ends in termination, it is called "recurrent miscarriage".

There are several stages of miscarriage: it starts with a threat, goes into the beginning of the abortion, then doctors have identified a miscarriage in the course, complete and incomplete. With the threat of having abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding brown to bright red. Even a small amount of blood may indicate a threatened miscarriage, so you need to consult a doctor. Sometimes these symptoms gradually increase their strength, sometimes fall sharply.

If the secretions appear clots, pieces of tissue with blood, it is likely that a miscarriage has already occurred.

How is a miscarriage

A miscarriage is a rather lengthy process that can take a couple of days. The threat of termination of pregnancy in many cases treated successfully, modern doctors are able to prevent miscarriage, although not in every situation it is worth doing, because the body usually knows best whether to get rid of the fetus. But many women can't get pregnant, and for them it is very important to keep the baby. Therefore, when the first signs of miscarriage you need to go to the hospital, otherwise it will be too late – often by the time as starts the active stage of abortion, the embryo has already stopped functioning.

When a threat of miscarriage, the cervix remains closed, the fetus continues to develop, although there are slight abdominal pain or discomfort in the lower back and uterine bleeding. If this process does not stop, the fetus may die as a result, he will peel from the walls of the uterus. As soon as the cervix expands and the shell of the fruit is broken, there is an inevitable miscarriage, it may be incomplete, if the embryo or its particles remain in the uterus. In the complete miscarriage of the fetus is fully out, the bleeding stops, the pain stops.