Advice 1: How to determine whether there was a miscarriage

In early pregnancy a miscarriage can occur almost imperceptible for female, because the embryo is so small that it is impossible to see. In some respects it is still possible to determine whether the pregnancy was.
How to determine whether there was a miscarriage
Listen to your body. Many women say that early abortion is more abundant than normal menstruation with blood clots. The uterus at this time is purified, and therefore there are pathological allocation. In some cases you can even see fragments of the ovum pearl-gray color. In addition, bleeding may continue longer, even up to several weeks. If you already know that she is pregnant, but you are bleeding, you should immediately call the "Ambulance". Only if timely medical intervention can save the pregnancy.
Refer to the gynecologist and ask them to refer you for a blood test. You can also use a regular pregnancy test. In that case, if conception occurred, the level of HCG in the blood will be upgraded to 10 days after a miscarriage. Even a weak stick will be the evidence that the pregnancy was.
Do not worry. An early miscarriage does not exclude the possibility of getting pregnant again. Almost half of the interruptions of the development of the embryo in early pregnancy is due to genetic disorders in fetus structure, that is, nature does not allow to develop viable organism. In other cases a miscarriage can happen due to stress, poor nutrition, excessive load. Note your mistakes and next time, try to treat yourself and future baby more carefully. Gynecologists say that it is better to wait at least two menstrual periods, before trying again to conceive. This will give the uterus time to recover. If a miscarriage has occurred three times in a row, then you need to immediately consult a doctor. The diagnosis of "Chronic miscarriage" is not a sentence. Forces in modern medicine can create all the conditions for a child to develop normally before birth.

Advice 2 : How do you know that had a miscarriage

Miscarriages in early pregnancy, unfortunately, not uncommon. If you suspect that there was a spontaneous termination of pregnancy, do not panic - pay attention to changes in your body.
How do you know that had a miscarriage
If you suddenly developed severe lower back pain, which often occurs before menstruation, it is a danger signal that may indicate miscarriage. A pregnancy test - if it shows two lines, immediately call an ambulance. It is possible that the fetus will survive. If you know about the availability of pregnancy test did not need – do not waste your precious time.
When the background appears more pain and nausea and something like contractions (the uterus begins to shrink), then this is an obvious symptom of miscarriage. Most likely, nothing can be done about it. This typically occurs in the early stages, when a doctor makes a threat because of the tone of the uterus. So if you offer to go to the hospital, you should listen to the specialist and not to suffer when nothing can be corrected.
You then start bleeding. In the output of mucus you can see the clots. In some cases the discharge has a light tone. Even if you didn't want to continue the pregnancy, you still go to the hospital. Not always the ovum goes completely and the necessary cleaning of the uterine cavity, otherwise it may start the inflammatory process.
In the later stages of pregnancy symptoms of miscarriage blurry. Maybe just a little ache in the stomach, with nothing in common not to be disturbed. But any suspicious feelings should alert you. So do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Of course, miscarriages in the second or third trimester less likely to happen, but better to be a little care of yourself and baby. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis.
After a miscarriage, do not plan children 6-12 months, because your body needs to recover. About it will tell you in detail gynecologist, and advise contraception.

Advice 3 : How to prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy

Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the fetus is most vulnerable and susceptible to negative factors. There are reasons that do not depend on the behavior of the mother and her lifestyle (e.g., genetic failures). But most of the negative factors affecting childbearing, a woman can prevent herself and with the help of a doctor.
How to prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy
Once you learn about pregnancy, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Cause of miscarriage in early pregnancy can be hormonal problems, which should be correct from the start. Most often the culprit of the interruption of pregnancy in the first trimester becomes a lack of the hormone progesterone. The doctor also will examine you, ask about state of health, previous illnesses, if necessary, appoint an examination and give directions.
Full and eat right. In the early stages of pregnancy is a bookmark and the formation of all organs of the fetus. A violation of the food, a strict diet, the use of harmful products may adversely affect the pregnancy. If you suffer from morning sickness – should not refuse to eat. Eat small portions, avoid spicy, fried, smoked dishes.
Do not take a hot bath, it can cause miscarriage. During pregnancy give preference to the soul. If you are engaged in fitness, choose together with the coach special exercises for pregnant women, or limit visits to the gym in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Do not lift heavy objects and try to rest more. Protect yourself from stressful situations at work and the impact of harmful factors on production. Take care of preventive measures against the virus, especially during epidemics and in winter time.
Discard bad habits and do not drink alcoholic beverages. This is best done before pregnancy, to avoid failures in the conception and cell division.
Be sure to discuss with your doctor the limitations in their sexual life. If there is a threat of miscarriage, it is better to abstain from sex, which can cause miscarriage.
If you experience severe pain in the lumbar region and lower abdomen, and also in the appearance of bloody or brown discharge from the vagina immediately call an ambulance. Waiting for the doctor to get some bed rest and try not to be nervous.

Advice 4 : How is a miscarriage

Pregnancy has not always been smooth, on different terms sometimes miscarry. About 15% of pregnancies end almost before it began. Often women do not even notice a miscarriage – it happens even before I became aware of the pregnancy. At a later time, the threat of miscarriage is more noticeable, accompanied by pain and discomfort.
How is a miscarriage

Symptoms of miscarriage

In medical terminology, a miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion on the timing to 22 weeks. After this period, the fetus is considered viable, and the child can try to save. But most miscarriages happen in early pregnancy to 12 weeks, with each week the chance of miscarriage decreases.

Causes of miscarriage can be mild women's health, incorrectly started the development of the embryo, gynecological diseases, hormonal disruptions, injuries, high stress. Although stress can really influence the course of pregnancy, in fact in most cases the female body is very durable and can withstand even severe suffering.

In some cases, a healthy woman can not give birth, as every pregnancy ends in termination, it is called "recurrent miscarriage".

There are several stages of miscarriage: it starts with a threat, goes into the beginning of the abortion, then doctors have identified a miscarriage in the course, complete and incomplete. With the threat of having abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding brown to bright red. Even a small amount of blood may indicate a threatened miscarriage, so you need to consult a doctor. Sometimes these symptoms gradually increase their strength, sometimes fall sharply.

If the secretions appear clots, pieces of tissue with blood, it is likely that a miscarriage has already occurred.

How is a miscarriage

A miscarriage is a rather lengthy process that can take a couple of days. The threat of termination of pregnancy in many cases treated successfully, modern doctors are able to prevent miscarriage, although not in every situation it is worth doing, because the body usually knows best whether to get rid of the fetus. But many women can't get pregnant, and for them it is very important to keep the baby. Therefore, when the first signs of miscarriage you need to go to the hospital, otherwise it will be too late – often by the time as starts the active stage of abortion, the embryo has already stopped functioning.

When a threat of miscarriage, the cervix remains closed, the fetus continues to develop, although there are slight abdominal pain or discomfort in the lower back and uterine bleeding. If this process does not stop, the fetus may die as a result, he will peel from the walls of the uterus. As soon as the cervix expands and the shell of the fruit is broken, there is an inevitable miscarriage, it may be incomplete, if the embryo or its particles remain in the uterus. In the complete miscarriage of the fetus is fully out, the bleeding stops, the pain stops.

Advice 5 : What happens during a miscarriage

At the first signs of miscarriage is necessary to call an ambulance until the arrival of the doctor to be lying down. Attach to the belly warmer and the ice should not be, otherwise the uterus will begin to shrink more, and the bleeding will intensify. In the hospital the woman will be assigned a hemostatic, analgesic, sedative drugs and money, relaxing the myometrium of the uterus.
Dragging pain in the abdomen in early pregnancy may indicate the initial stage of miscarriage

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion in early pregnancy (before 12 weeks). A single pathological episode can be a random occurrence, but if multiple consecutive pregnancies ended in miscarriages, we are talking about this gynecological deviation as a miscarriage.
Cause chronic nevynashivanii may be weakness of the cervix, became a consequence of previous abortions. This problem is solved by applying to the cervix a circular suture, which is removed 3-4 weeks before delivery.

Why can a miscarriage occur in apparently healthy women?

The main reasons are as follows:
- bad habits;
- infectious diseases;
hormonal imbalance in the body is pregnant;
- rhesus conflict;
is a genetic anomaly;
- frequent stress and anxiety.

Is it possible to determine a miscarriage?

The first warning signals regardless of the course of pregnancy are a light dragging pain in the abdomen. In the future, they become colicky and accompanied by a plentiful amount of discharge, indicating the detachment of the ovum.

After his death and full detachment of women can be severe pain and bleeding. Left part of the fetus in the uterus, the woman can not know.

If the miscarriage happened at home and not in hospital "support", you must immediately contact the gynecologist for examination and passing an ultrasound. According to his results, and you can see if the procedures for the purification of the uterus.
After a miscarriage immediately to schedule a repeat pregnancy should not be. The interval between the miscarriage and the new conception must be at least 6 months, otherwise the woman may suffer the same fate.

What is a failed abortion?

To happen miscarriage in different ways – like with bright symptoms, and in their absence. Pregnant woman suspects that the fetus inside of her froze, she only complains about the deterioration of General health or to notice the disappearance of the characteristic signs of pregnancy – nausea in the morning, lack of appetite, etc.

If the fading pregnancy had a period in which there were fetal movements, they stop. On examination, the gynecologist when listening to the heartbeat detects its absence.

After a visit to an ultrasound confirmed fetal death, the woman is getting an abortion and stop the bleeding. Then she offered to do a special analysis on the latent infections that could affect such an adverse pregnancy outcome.

If the results of the analysis confirmed the presence of any disease, the examination must go through the husband. The appropriate treatment is prescribed to both spouses.
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