Listen to your body. Many women say that early abortion is more abundant than normal menstruation with blood clots. The uterus at this time is purified, and therefore there are pathological allocation. In some cases you can even see fragments of the ovum pearl-gray color. In addition, bleeding may continue longer, even up to several weeks. If you already know that she is pregnant, but you are bleeding, you should immediately call the "Ambulance". Only if timely medical intervention can save the pregnancy.
Refer to the gynecologist and ask them to refer you for a blood test. You can also use a regular pregnancy test. In that case, if conception occurred, the level of HCG in the blood will be upgraded to 10 days after a miscarriage. Even a weak stick will be the evidence that the pregnancy was.
Do not worry. An early miscarriage does not exclude the possibility of getting pregnant again. Almost half of the interruptions of the development of the embryo in early pregnancy is due to genetic disorders in fetus structure, that is, nature does not allow to develop viable organism. In other cases a miscarriage can happen due to stress, poor nutrition, excessive load. Note your mistakes and next time, try to treat yourself and future baby more carefully. Gynecologists say that it is better to wait at least two menstrual periods, before trying again to conceive. This will give the uterus time to recover. If a miscarriage has occurred three times in a row, then you need to immediately consult a doctor. The diagnosis of "Chronic miscarriage" is not a sentence. Forces in modern medicine can create all the conditions for a child to develop normally before birth.