In the first place about the likelihood of miscarriage can speak vaginal discharge in the form of pink slime or lots of clear liquids. Also, the woman may note bleeding, accompanied by pain (pain not required). The amount of blood in this case varies from a few drops to massive bleeding. In the first case, do not panic – just an urgent need to go to the doctor to have stabilized, but the bleeding, call an ambulance, because it threatens the child's life and the life of the mother.
Especially dangerous bleeding with severe cramping – they may indicate the beginning of labor activity (at a later stages of pregnancy) and increased uterine tone, which can literally push the fetus out of a woman's body. If a miscarriage occurs very early in pregnancy, it can be identified by the presence in the secretions of a blood clot in bright pink or gray tissue clots. Thus spontaneous abortion in the very beginning women are often confused with coming menstruation.
If you find yourself the above symptoms of an impending miscarriage, you need to take a "no-silos" to reduce the increased tone of the uterus, and to go to bed, after calling an ambulance. It is strictly forbidden to strain and move, otherwise, the chances for pregnancy are greatly reduced. If you have cramping, you need to measure their interval in preterm labor they happen every 5-10 minutes or more often.
If no pain, but there's a suspicious discharge, you need to do an ultrasound, which the doctor will determine the presence or absence of heartbeat in the embryo. If the fetus is alive, the woman will be sent to the Department of pathology of pregnancy, where she will conduct the necessary drug treatment, which can last from several weeks to several months. Also miscarriage can be prevented by suture to the cervix – he's a woman walks up to the birth and successfully delivers her baby.