You will need
  • - consultation, examination;
  • - dosed physical load;
  • - proper diet;
  • vitamin complex;
  • - day mode
Complete full inspection prior to conception. Consult an experienced gynecologist in female consultation, explain to him the essence of the problem. The doctor will examine and will direct you to additional diagnostics, if necessary. You may need tests for sexually transmitted infections (ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, toxoplasmosis, etc.) Upon detection of any of them you and your partner will be offered a course of treatment, after completion of which you will need to pass the test. If everything is in order you can plan pregnancy. Conception occurred on the background infectious process can result in a miscarriage or serious problems in child development (e.g., hypoxic lesions of the fetus).
Change their way of life, when you learn about the pregnancy. Reduce physical exertion, avoid high heels and tight, uncomfortable clothes. Stick to a certain regime, get enough sleep. If you have night or daily duty, by law you are required to easy work. Try to avoid stress.
Buy a subscription to a fitness club. Virtually all of them have a program for expectant mothers. Properly constructed workout will help you in preparing for childbirth, save in the form of the figure, and after birth will quickly get rid of the gained pounds. Once a week visit swimming pool, swimming helps to relieve increased muscle tone.
Control the diet, it also largely depends on the health of the future baby. To prevent miscarriage it is helpful to eat foods that contain vitamin E (seeds, nuts, unrefined sunflower oil, sprouted wheat). In the summer months it is useful to eat fresh fruits and berries. Drink drinks from the rose hips, red ash, black currant, nettle.
Take mandatory vitamin and mineral complexes for pregnant women. The lack of any of these substances can cause problems in fetoplacental and development of the child. To make the right selection of essential vitamins and minerals you will help your doctor.
Strictly follow all recommendations of your doctor. Leave all bad habits: no nicotine, no alcohol even in very small amounts in your body to do not be.