You will need
  • - consultation of the gynecologist;
  • - drugs.
Pass all the necessary tests to know the exact causes of threatened miscarriage, because they can be very much. Often a doctor can make this diagnosis even with a slight hormonal disorder and will be right. In this case it is better to listen to the doctor and deliver a healthy baby than to blame themselves for lightheadedness. There is only a small percentage of pathologies, for example, gross chromosomal abnormalities, in which stop spontaneous abortion impossible. Most of the other gynecological problems (RH-conflict, hormonal insufficiency, history of abortions, habitual miscarriage) are subject to adjustment.
Do not neglect medical treatment. With that in pregnant women was, perhaps, the greatest number of prejudices. Many do not want to "poison chemicals" and ignore the doctor's recommendations, having read the information on the Internet. Although it was correctly selected drug therapy and allows in most cases to avoid miscarriage.
No less dangerous to break the schedule of drugs, especially hormonal drugs. The assigned dose should be ingested at certain hours, with no gaps. To cancel a particular drug is also gradually under medical supervision.
Change up your regimen. With the threat of miscarriage, you need to be in a state of rest. Refrain from any physical activity and sexual intimacy. Remember that even a long and pleasant walk in the Park can hurt you, if the threat is big enough. This advice is especially relevant in the first 10-14 weeks when the stomach is not too noticeable, but the tone of the uterus is not felt physically. In case of heaviness in the abdomen or pulling back pain, contact your gynecologist or take drugs in relaxing smooth muscles (but-shpa, papaverine).