Find out the cause of a miscarriage. Despite the high level of development of medicine, it is not always possible. But in some cases, the doctor will still be able to hold the correct diagnosis. If the miscarriage was not the first turn with your spouse to identify possible chromosomal abnormalities. Also give a full range of tests for identifying sexually transmitted diseases. The same needs to be done. Even any easy infection, do not interfere in ordinary life can be a catalyst for abortion.
Wait a while before trying to get pregnant. If the miscarriage happened early on, until the fourth month, it is advisable to give your body a rest for about six months. However, in some cases, doctor approval, you can get pregnant before. For late miscarriage, the consequence of which have become artificial birth, the period of abstinence from pregnancy is calculated individually and depends on whether to apply a cesarean section for delivery. If Yes, then the waiting period will need to increase to a year or more below the seam on the uterus time to fully heal.
Get rid of bad habits, especially Smoking. It adversely affects not only unproductive, but also on the fetus, reducing the inflow to it of oxygen. Avoid drinking alcohol. Try to lead a moderately active lifestyle. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
If termination of pregnancy was associated with premature cervical dilatation, discuss with your doctor the possibility of imposing on her joints in the case of pregnancy. This procedure is safe for the baby, if carried out until the threat of miscarriage. Also in case of problems with hormone levels your doctor may prescribe you the support of pregnancy in the form of injections and tablets. Do not be afraid, because these hormones are natural to the female body during pregnancy and do not harm the unborn baby.