What I can tell white bumps covering the head of the male penis?

Lesions with purulent content, or from acne can appear on any area of the human body. But especially the fear they inspire in lesions of the genital organs. The first thing that comes to mind is a man, is to understand pimples as a symptom of venereal disease.

To confirm or refute this belief, should visit a doctor, and then the nature of the acne to clear up completely.
Red pimples on the tip of my penis filled with fluid contents, some patients were signs of sexual herpes.
But in most cases they have nothing to do with diseases, but are the result of poor hygienic care.

By the way, the reason for suspicion for sexually transmitted diseases should serve not so much pimples, how much itching that accompanies their appearance, and discomfort in the abdomen. If a man watches have similar symptoms, a visit to the doctor should not delay.

Acne that appears under the foreskin and has become the "decoration" of the glans penis, so small that they resemble millet seed. Their color may be different – white, red and even black.

Why the body react this way?

Basic reasons for pimples vsypayut body, is a disregard for the rules of hygiene and the activity of the sebaceous glands. The source of infection male with acne on the penis is not becoming, he just needs special treatment prescribed by a dermatologist.

Squeeze pimples that are stuck under the foreskin, it is not recommended. Otherwise, under the delicate skin of the penis will be developing an infection, with potentially serious complications. Here already can not do without the use of antibiotics.

Prevention of pimples on male genitals

Observance of rules of personal hygiene and preventive measures, critical to many problems of the sexual sphere of man. To prevent the appearance of pimples on the tip of my penis, and groin all need to be washed daily with warm water and soap or with special means for intimate hygiene.
If the cause of white pimples on the penis was a violation of metabolism, in addition to the main treatment, the patient will be offered a diet of salty, spicy and fatty foods.

Tight underwear is another enemy of the genital organs. Often young people prefer synthetic underwear due to its visual appeal, but artificial material can cause skin allergies.

Thus, the underpants to be sewn from breathable cotton fabric. The choice of underwear should be implemented in favor of the spacious models.

What else you should not do is to overheat the intimate area. People need clothing for the weather, avoiding the impact shocks of the temperature regime on the condition of the skin.