Advice 1: What if the penis there was a bruise

A bruise is internal bleeding, which can cause discomfort not only for appearance, but also because of the pain. However, it's one thing when a bruise appeared on the arm or leg, and quite another when it was formed on the penis. Here can take place not only injury or trauma, but vascular disease.
What if the penis there was a bruise

Causes of bruises on penis

The major causes of bruises on penis are injuries or mechanical impact. Typically, a bruise can be earned during sexual intercourse. Also, it can be formed by itself. In this case, the problem has serious implications, as it suggests that the vascular system is unstable and has become the most susceptible to ruptures of the capillaries, which lead to the formation of a bruise.

To equally important causes of bruising can be attributed to Smoking and unhealthy lifestyle. Addictions in General carry a risk of vascular diseases, when the treatment of bruises should be treated with patience, as the process will be long.

Treatment of bruises on the penis

In the formation of a bruise on the penis you need to see a doctor, in order not to aggravate the situation. It will be useful at the time of treatment to comply with sexual rest: you need to refrain from intimate life as long as the bruise is completely gone.

To ease the pain will help with cold compresses. However, to apply ice to the bruise on the penis dare not every man. Besides, these packs are only effective for the first time, that is, immediately after the occurrence of a bruise.

It is also worth to adopt ointments and compresses, which exert vasoconstrictive effect. To narrow the blood vessels necessary for the swelling began to subside and the bruising will disappear. Did a fine job with their task and angioprotectors, they are aimed at the edema, significantly take it off and numb the affected area.

However, if the problem arose due to problems with the cardiovascular system, none of these tools does not help, as they will give only a temporary effect and after a short time the problem re-awaken and cause discomfort. That is why the treatment should be comprehensive – not only external, but internal.

To the outer treatment can be attributed all of the above options, but add recipes of traditional medicine, such as compresses of herbal decoctions and oil ointment base and essential oils. The internal treatment should consist of: vitamin complex and drugs to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and thin the blood.

The vitamin complex required to maintain body tone and restore the General physical condition, and sosudoukreplyayuschee the necessary preparations for the normalization of the vessel walls, so diluting the blood will easily pass through vessels and not to destroy them.

Advice 2: What if the bruise does not pass

Bruising is an unpleasant phenomenon, especially when they are not in a long time. To accelerate the process of disappearance of the bruiseand it is possible by different means, it is best to use several methods.
What if the bruise does not pass

How many days should pass to the bruise disappeared?

Depending on the location, sensitivity of the skin and the force of the impact bruising during the different time. Trunk bruising disappears in two weeks, with – in a week, and bruises on his legs can hold out for up to a month. So don't worry too much because of the bruises on the legs if they are held for several weeks.

Proven traditional means of combating this scourge – the real stuff. Mix two parts of powder in water or your preferred vegetable oil and RUB into the bruise. Repeat this procedure every day.
If you have a bruise on the face, use anesthetic to clean the discomfort or pain. Not necessary for this purpose to use aspirin, which reduces clotting of blood. Be sure to follow the instructions.

Along with concoctions for the treatment of bruises, use the honey. A solution of iodine (5%) is applied in place of the traditional black mesh, leave for the night. During this time, iodine is good warms the place of injury, the mesh virtually disappears, and the bruise fades considerably.

Herbal infusions of parsley, calendula and radish helps remove bruises. You can use essential oils. Fresh bruises easiest to remove with the help of lavender oil, and the old, who had managed to turn yellow, well kept, oil of rosemary.

What to do right?

In any case it is not necessary to start bruising. The sooner you start treatment, the faster you fully get rid of. This is especially true of unpleasant markings on the face around the eyes. Within hours after injury the bruise apply ice, wrapped in cloth, or a regular spoon. Should not apply ice directly to the bare body, not to earn in addition to the bruise frostbite. If no ice, put a bruise under running water. The next day you need to devote thermal procedures in the area of the bruise, as they will help to reduce the hematoma (the cold helps to stop the excess blood flow). After the visible swelling will come down, apply to the bruise a heating pad or a bag of warm salt and sand.
If possible, after injury, keep the injured body part as high as possible. This will reduce the blood flow and will reduce the future hematoma.

If you have very long held, the bruises, the reason may be lack of sleep. A heightened anabolic state during sleep allows the human body to repair muscle and the immune system, that is, to heal injury, restore tissue much faster than in the waking state. So if you have a chronic lack of sleep, it can lead to long healing wounds and injuries, General weakness and muscle fatigue.

Advice 3: When you need pelvic rest

Sexual rest is a ban on sex life. About the necessity of sexual rest you inform your doctor. He is shown not only after surgery, but in some other cases.
When you need pelvic rest


Pelvic rest during pregnancy

Orgasm pregnant woman is the reason tone of the uterus and even a miscarriage. In this regard, obstetricians advise not to have sex until 14 – 16 weeks of pregnancy. After this period, the pregnant woman can return to normal sexual life.

Sexual rest in the postpartum period

After delivery the uterus is an open wound. Therefore, in the postpartum period for 6 – 7 weeks a woman needs to observe pelvic rest. If this recommendation is not implemented there is a high risk of infection. In the case of caesarean section, the situation is similar. The main criterion for the possible onset of sexual activity is the cessation of secretions from the vagina.

Sexual rest after treatment of cervical dysplasia

Dysplasia is the cellular and tissue structure of a specific tissue (most commonly the tissue of the vagina or cervix). The main treatment of dysplasia is a mechanical or physical removal of abnormal tissue using cautery current or laser. As a result, the cervix forms a wound surface. After any of these procedures on pelvic rest: the elimination of genital and anal sexual contact. Duration of sexual rest should be 4 - 10 weeks. This will prevent any infection and maintain the health of the woman.

Sexual rest after a biopsy of the cervix

Cervical biopsy is a test that allows to Refine the diagnosis in cases of suspected dysplasia or cervical cancer. 2 – 3 days before the test the woman should refuse sexual relations. This will help to reduce the risk of complications. As a result of the biopsy on the cervix forms a small wound surface. So, to avoid infection she should abstain from sex for at least 7 days. In case of occurrence of complications within 2 – 3 weeks.

Sexual rest after removal of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is the process by which the fertilized egg does not fall directly into the uterus, and attaches itself in the fallopian tube or in the abdominal cavity. Ectopic pregnancy is dangerous to the health of women: due to fetal growth, there is a gap morula and starts bleeding internally. Ectopic pregnancy requires removal with surgery.

After this, the female body needs a recovery period, during which it is necessary to refuse from sexual activity for a month or more. Otherwise you will need another surgery. By the time the doctor will allow you to return to sexual life, you must know that after removal of an ectopic pregnancy is necessary to comply with contraception. Also, you should not rush in planning the next pregnancy. Be healthy!

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