Advice 1: How to cure pearly papules

Men, like women, there are a number of manifestations of physiological changes and hormonal shifts, which affect the genitals. These changes often do not have the disorders are not contagious. For example, we can talk about the appearance of the pearly papules in young people.
How to cure pearly papules


Mother-of-pearl, or pearly papules – small tumors up to 2 mm in size that may appear on the foreskin of the male member, forming a ring around the crown of the head. This disease refers to those diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact. This feature eliminates the risk of infecting the sexual partner.

In boys, puberty is the probability of occurrence of papules, but as you get closer to the age of sexual formation they disappear. According to experts papules indirectly confirm the presence of the increased sexual activity men.

There is also the assumption that the papules arise due to clogging of the sebaceous glands located at the head of the penis. But the assertion that pearly papules are formed when promiscuous or lack of hygiene, wrong.

Papules you cannot remove yourself, it can cause an infection of the penis. If the papules cause itching or discover any selection, you should immediately consult a venereal disease, to diagnose or exclude the possibility of venereal disease.

Under the same condition, the pearly papules do not require any treatment.


The patient applied to the physician, usually urologist, explained that the formation of papules on the glans penis is completely safe for health and do not require therapeutic and especially surgical intervention.

For patients who are experiencing psychological discomfort, there are ways to remove the papules. Modern medicine offers three methods of removal. The most effective and common method is laser surgery, next in popularity: remove the papules with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), and surgical husking papules. Therapeutic methods, that is, drugs of healing papules do not yet exist.

Even if you delete the papules one of the three methods, there is a probability of their recurrence.

If the patient still decided on surgery, the doctor is obliged to warn you that after surgery, the patient a few days will be deprived of the opportunity to engage in a sexual contact. The very same surgical intervention will be conducted using pain medications that are directly injected into the penis.

Advice 2 : How to get rid of pearly papules

Mother-of-pearl, or pearl papules penis are small nodules located in one or several rows around the glans of the penis. Such lesions are considered to be one of the variants of the norm, they are not contagious and are not transmitted to a sex partner.
How to get rid of pearly papules
At present could not establish the reasons for which appear pearly papules. There is a perception that they are formed because of the violation of the sebaceous glands. The appearance of pearly papules is not associated with the hygienic measures and with the peculiarities of sexual life. The only symptom of pathology is a ring of small nodules of a white color, located around the head of the penis. Education painless, they have a dense texture, matte surface. Papules may persist throughout life, however with age they become less noticeable.

Because pearly papules do not cause physical inconvenience to the patient, treatment is not mandatory. Some experts do not recommend any therapy. However, this rash can create serious psychological problems because they are a cosmetic defect. In such cases, it is possible to remove the papules. For this purpose, use the following methods: electrocoagulation (removal of the papules by burning high-frequency currents), cryotherapy (removal of liquid nitrogen), laser photocoagulation (using carbon dioxide), cosmetic surgery.

When using these methods of the skin form scabs, which fall after some time. After completing the course of treatment pearly papules will disappear forever. Therapeutic measures the treatment of pearly papules is not developed. Electrocoagulation is performed under local anesthesia. Growths on the skin are removed using a special instrument, the working part of which is heated to a high temperature. Duration of procedure is 10-15 minutes. The crust, which were formed after removal of the papules, you need to lubricate 5% solution of potassium Permanganate for 3-4 days. Healing occurs in 8-10 days.

With laser coagulation for papules is exposed to beam of laser rays. In the result, the tissues evaporate, leaving a dry crust. During the procedure, the laser beam controls the depth of effect, with accuracy up to one micron. Laser photocoagulation is a bloodless method of removal of tumors on the skin, it ensures the sterility and rapid healing due to the lack of skin contact with instruments.

Removing pearly papules with liquid nitrogen is carried out by cryoapplication, which is a tube-container for liquid nitrogen with ferrules of different diameters. Sometimes the procedure is usually technical applicator (wood stick with cotton swab). After the procedure the skin there are small bubbles that then turn into scabs and disappear after 11-12 days.
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