Itching of the penis – possible causes

Doctors have identified several groups of reasons that can cause itching penis. The first external influence. These include lack of personal hygiene, pollution, infection, overheating/hypothermia, allergic reactions (eg, condoms). These symptoms may be accompanied by not only itching but also non-specific secretions (pus, blood, mucus).

The second group of reasons, which may occur itching of the penis, associated with abnormalities of the body. For example, discomfort may cause irritation of urine or inflammation. Note: a man can be at fault as he purchased the inconvenience and "catch" it from their partner.

For example, the fungi Candida (causing thrush) is easy to "flop" on the penis, if its owner lowered protective functions of an organism. Male yeast infection is accompanied by severe itching of the head and the foreskin and may experience a whitish discharge.

The third group is positioning itching of the penis not as a disease but as a symptom of lesions of other organs. For example, discomfort may indicate the presence of diabetes, anemia, problems with hormones and even cancer. The fourth cause of itching can become nervous disorders, stress, sexual neuroses.

Treatment of pruritus of the penis

Some causes of itching can be fixed by yourself. For example, avoid synthetic underwear and change the means of personal hygiene. Also ask your partner not to use a local contraceptive itching may be an allergic reaction to them.

At risk also are men – animal lovers. Often Pets share the bed with the owners. If you are not regularly subjected to animal treatment of parasites, he may wind up fleas (especially during warm season). The penis can easily become their "victim", resulting in itching. For relief of symptoms sufficient sanitation and adoption of antihistamines.

If the above methods treat the itching of the penis do not work, you should consult a doctor. This must be done immediately if there is itching in addition to other symptoms. For example, small abscesses (staph), ulcers of large size on the surface of the head (Streptococcus) bursting bubbles (herpes), pus from the urethra (gonorrhoea and other infections) and so You will need to get tested, the results of which the doctor will select the right treatment.