Advice 1: How to treat itching of the penis

Discomfort in the area of the genitals make human life unbearable. Often both sexes have a burning sensation or itching. Under these symptoms usually hides a disease that must be identified and cured.
How to treat itching of the penis

Itching of the penis – possible causes

Doctors have identified several groups of reasons that can cause itching penis. The first external influence. These include lack of personal hygiene, pollution, infection, overheating/hypothermia, allergic reactions (eg, condoms). These symptoms may be accompanied by not only itching but also non-specific secretions (pus, blood, mucus).

The second group of reasons, which may occur itching of the penis, associated with abnormalities of the body. For example, discomfort may cause irritation of urine or inflammation. Note: a man can be at fault as he purchased the inconvenience and "catch" it from their partner.

For example, the fungi Candida (causing thrush) is easy to "flop" on the penis, if its owner lowered protective functions of an organism. Male yeast infection is accompanied by severe itching of the head and the foreskin and may experience a whitish discharge.

The third group is positioning itching of the penis not as a disease but as a symptom of lesions of other organs. For example, discomfort may indicate the presence of diabetes, anemia, problems with hormones and even cancer. The fourth cause of itching can become nervous disorders, stress, sexual neuroses.

Treatment of pruritus of the penis

Some causes of itching can be fixed by yourself. For example, avoid synthetic underwear and change the means of personal hygiene. Also ask your partner not to use a local contraceptive itching may be an allergic reaction to them.

At risk also are men – animal lovers. Often Pets share the bed with the owners. If you are not regularly subjected to animal treatment of parasites, he may wind up fleas (especially during warm season). The penis can easily become their "victim", resulting in itching. For relief of symptoms sufficient sanitation and adoption of antihistamines.

If the above methods treat the itching of the penis do not work, you should consult a doctor. This must be done immediately if there is itching in addition to other symptoms. For example, small abscesses (staph), ulcers of large size on the surface of the head (Streptococcus) bursting bubbles (herpes), pus from the urethra (gonorrhoea and other infections) and so You will need to get tested, the results of which the doctor will select the right treatment.

Advice 2: How to treat irritation of the foreskin

Irritation of the foreskin is a disease that cannot be ignored. His reason can be like lack of hygiene, and a variety of sexually transmitted infections. At the initial stages of treatment of inflammation is the use of conventional antiseptics.
How to treat irritation of the foreskin?

Signs and causes of disease

Painful sensations during urination or sexual intercourse can be signs of inflammation of the foreskin. Also, the disease is often accompanied by burning, swelling and intolerable itching of the head of the penis, redness and rash in the area of its inner layer. Sometimes when the disease is observed discharge, increased body temperature and excessive sexual excitability.

Irritation may result from the accumulation of smegma (a mixture of secretions of sebaceous glands) due to insufficient hygiene of the penis, as well as its interaction with soap and water or lubrication for condoms. However, the causes can be more serious - various allergic diseases, diabetes, Trichomonas, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Ureaplasma, as well as other infections and viruses transmitted during intimacy.

It should be noted that irritation of the foreskin has no age boundaries. When identifying these symptoms a patient must immediately address to the urologist, who will conduct a consultation and visual examination, and order laboratory studies, on the basis of which will be clarified the cause of the disease by the treatment.

Treatment of irritation of the foreskin

If signs of inflammation are minor and the disease was detected at an early stage, the treatment involves the use of antiseptic such as a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide or furatsilina. They are applied to the inflamed area after cleansing routine about 2-3 times a day.

With the obvious signs of inflammation urologist appoints antibacterial and anti-inflammatory creams or ointments, depending on the cause of the disease. In this case the hygiene of the penis is recommended to support with solutions of medicinal herbs - chamomile or oak bark.

In severe severe cases, patients are prescribed a course of detoxification of drugs, antibiotics and vitamins. When the patient is too weak, irritation treated with immunomodulatory drugs. If the cause of inflammation is a narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis), the disease rid of surgically.

It is very important that the patient does not self-medicating, because it can lead to complications such as the appearance of bleeding sores on the glans penis and purulent discharge. If when you touch the sex organ of the man is in pain is a reason to immediately contact a specialist.

Advice 3: Herpes on the glans penis: what to do

When genital herpes is assigned a comprehensive treatment with antiviral medications, bracing means and immunomodulators. Traditional treatment can be combined with treatment with traditional medicine.
what to do when herpes on the glans?
Genital herpes – a disease in 80% of cases caused by herpes simplex virus type 2, and 20% of herpes simplex virus type 1. Manifested by solitary or grouped lesions on the skin of the genitals and is accompanied by pain, itching and burning. What to do when herpes on the glans?

The treatment of the disease

It should be noted that modern methods of treatment do not allow to completely get rid of HSV. Molecules of the virus to the end of life will remain in the nerve cells of the patient, and by reducing the immunity aktiviziruyutsya, causing a relapse. Treatment accelerates the healing of the rash, reduces the risk of subsequent relapse and reduce the isolation of the pathogen, but can not completely destroy it. The main principle of treating the sexual herpes is in the appointment of a package of measures aimed at suppression of the activity of molecules of the virus, improvement of immune protection and strengthening of the body.

Antiviral therapy includes drugs with systemic action, such as "Acyclovir", "Valacyclovir and Famciclovir". The dosage of drugs and duration of treatment determined by the physician. The head of the penis and other places of localization of rash is treated with antiviral creams and ointments on the basis of acyclovir "Acyclovir", "Wirelessa" and "Zovirax". The most effective antiviral agent is a gel of plant origin "Panavir".

As immunomodulators used means for the local treatment based on interferon. We are talking about the gel "Viferon", slurry "Tsikloferon", etc. a Positive dynamics is observed after the immune systemic effects of rectal suppositories "Viferon". As a result of this therapy decreases pain and itching, dry up old lesions and no new ones. Only as a result of the complex treatment of genital herpes it is possible to avoid the complications of this infection.

Treatment of folk remedies

Herpes on the glans penis can be treated and traditional medicine. Here are some recipes:
Take the dried flowers of Arnica in the amount of 15 g, pour ½ l boiling water, to insist 2 hours, then strain and use for the preparation of compresses.
Birch buds in the amount of 15 g pour 1 Cup of milk, put on fire and boil for 5 minutes. After cool, wrap the buds in cheesecloth and apply to affected area as an anti-inflammatory agent.
In the treatment of penile herpes well proven Kalina. Pounded dry fruits 20 g sugar and 1 Cup of boiling water and after 4 hours, strain and take 0.5 cups 4 times a day. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Advice 4: Treats gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a infectious venereal disease, which provoke the gonococcus – bacteria, affecting the mucous membrane of the urinary tract. It is considered the most common sexually transmitted disease among women and among men. Treatment of gonorrhea involves the use of various types of therapy.
Treats gonorrhea
To get rid of gonorrhea, it is necessary to pass not only the course of special antibiotics, but also to be treated using local therapy. Usually the treatment prescribed by a doctor-venereal diseases – however, many people are trying to get rid of gonorrhea at home. It is quite possible to achieve some positive results, but it should be remembered that self-medication takes a lot of time and increase the chances of getting other chronic diseases caused by infection of the urinary tract.
One of the most popular methods of home treatment for gonorrhea is a course of three times taking the pills "Trykhopol" a day, and intramuscular injection of the drug "Bitsillin" (5 cubes twice a day). The "Bitsillin" should be diluted with the help of novocaine, which also have analgesic effects. During the course of treatment should refrain from any form of sex, not to drink alcohol and to avoid overcooling of the body, at the same time trying to boost immunity with vitamin complexes.
For treatment of gonorrhea in men the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics "Ofloxacin", "Cefixime" and "Ciprofloxacin", taking into account the patient's age and the extent of the disease. In addition to antibiotics, actively influencing gonorrhea, treatment for gonorrhea involves the presence of immunomodulatory and physiotherapy in the form of ultrasound inductothermy, electrophoresis, laser therapy and d'arsonval.
Gonorrhea in women treated with the same antibiotics as for men, but they almost always complement the corresponding rectal candles, special microclimate and douching, which have a local therapeutic effect on the condition of the urinary tract. To date, gonococci have become resistant to the antibiotics penicillin, so a visit to the doctor for the test and identify drugs to which the infection is most sensitive, is the mandatory condition – especially for pregnant women.
Home treatment of gonorrhea often leads to complications, which significantly affect the quality of human life.
Useful advice
If the patient has a permanent partner, she should also undergo a course of treatment, even with negative results of the analysis for gonococcal infection.

Advice 5: How to cure itchy crotch

The appearance of the itchy sensation due to slight irritation of the nerve endings that had accumulated in the crotch area in the greatest numbers. Any provoking factor makes scratching an intimate place a secret from others. And the sense of shame felt by man at such moments, may delay the visit to the doctor for fear of confirmation of suspicion for sexually transmitted disease.
How to cure itchy crotch

Causes of itching in the perineum

This intimate problem like itching in the perineum, in most cases, are familiar to people who do not observe rules of personal hygiene. Physiological and sweat become favorable conditions for the activity of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Increased volosistoe or wrinkling of this area create additional inconvenience.

Synthetic undergarments are also in most cases becomes the reason of itching. And the reason is high humidity in the perineum, caused by the inability of the fabric to allow air to the body.
Bouts of itching in some people can increase after consuming a large amount of fatty, fried, spicy food and food-allergens – citrus, eggs, chocolate, confectionery.

Sometimes itching in the perineum may occur as a reaction to the antibiotics, because the disease weakened the immune system affects the resilience of the skin. Another less common cause of itchy sensations in the intimate area is hard toilet paper, the use of which leaves skin abrasions and sores.

What can tell itching in the crotch

Itching in the perineum is not always a consequence of insufficient hygiene. Unpleasant sensations in the genital area can be a symptom of scabies, diabetes, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Some patients have itching sensation in the perineum were the first signs of hemorrhoids, fistula or parasitism by worms. But all these pathologies successfully cured.

In women, itching in the perineum may be due to any disease of the sexual sphere, in which abnormal discharge becomes sources of skin irritation. Constant wearing panties-thongs made from synthetic materials – another factor that triggers an itchy sensation in the crotch area.
The cause of pruritus pregnancy can be hormonal changes or stretching of the skin of the abdomen caused by a growing uterus. Intolerable itching in the perineum in pregnant women may indicate a yeast infection.

Men itching in the intimate area often bothers in the summer due to irritation of the delicate skin of excess hair. Discomfort can also signal an infectious or inflammatory process. If the exact nature of the itching cannot figure out, a person diagnosed with "idiopathic itching of the anus".

How to relieve the itching in the crotch: treatments

If causes of itching was established pathogenic fungi, the skin can be several times a day to treat with antifungal ointments. They will be appointed by the doctor after examining the patient for the presence of moist surfaces.

If within several days to cope with the problem persists, replace the other ointment and rubbing it for at least 2 weeks. Then do a week break and the course is repeated. Remove the inflammation from irritated skin will help ointments such as: Lokoid, Ultraproct, Triderm.

In the treatment process, special attention should be paid to personal hygiene and the safety of family members. The patient to sleep better in a separate bed, and after shower it should be treated with disinfectants.

If itchy sensations from the groin area has spread throughout the body, useful are wet wiping 5 % solution of vinegar. Powder in its composition should contain talc. Washing away with warm boiled water with baby soap should be conducted after each trip to the toilet.

If itching in the perineum was triggered by a venereal disease, first treat them, fulfilling all the prescription and carefully observing all the rules of hygiene, and study preventive measures.

Advice 6: How to treat a partner with a yeast infection

Thrush is a disease that occurs only in women. Quite often suffer from thrush men. To get rid of this disease must be treated for both partners.
How to treat a partner with a yeast infection
When thrush affects the genitals of men this disease is called candidal balanoposthitis. Usually a man gets from his woman during sexual intercourse. A clear predisposition to the yeast infection affects men who have diabetes, are obese or have a weak immune system.
The yeast infection has certain symptoms, so confused with other diseases. The woman with the yeast infection there is a constant itching in the outer labia and vagina. Male symptoms of yeast — itching of the genitals and a whitish rash on the tip of my penis.
The causes of the reproduction of fungi is different. People may get this disease due to prolonged use of antibiotics, weakened immunity, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, hormonal failure. One of the underchin may be wearing too tight of underwear made of synthetics.
A yeast infection usually has no negative impact on health, but it ifis mass is notatassociated feelings of discomfort and at times prevent normal sexual life. There are also cases where the yeast infection chronic. In this scenario, the already emerging problems with the bowel and bladder.
If you and your partner suffer from thrush, you need to take the urine and blood sugar. So you check whether you have diabetes.
For the treatment of thrush when youchange stages. First, patients prescribed anti-fungal medication. At the same time eliminated whenranks the occurrence of thrush. Then stabilize the immune system. Women, above all, normalize the acidity of the vagina. Men the doctor prescribes a topical treatment cream with antifungal drug. In the process of treatment it should be applied on the glans penis and foreskin with a thin layer twice a day. Usually yeast infection treatment for men does not exceed seven days.
Unfortunately, after a full course of treatment is complete relief from thrush does not always happen. So the woman may need to visit a gynecologist. The importance of treating the partner is to remove the fungus that is lurking in his body. After all, when resuming sexual activity, they can re-trigger thrush.

Advice 7: How to cure skin itching from

Itchy skin is the precursor and companion of many diseases, it is a desire to comb the skin. The itch is often not only unpleasant, but quite strong negative emotions that are difficult to control. To cure the skin from itching, we must first find its cause.
How to cure skin itching from
You will need
  • - doctor's consultation;
  • - comprehensive medical examination;
  • - boron and zinc ointment;
  • corticosteroid ointment;
  • - chamomile;
  • - the sage;
  • - potassium permanganate.
Pass the examination in a specialized medical facility, to determine the cause of the itching. If itching occurs after taking medication or products, the cause is likely in allergic reactions. Itching at the area of the genitals or anus may indicate inflammatory diseases. Anyway, try to figure out and resolve the cause so that treatment would be most effective.
Try to change your diet. Remove from the diet of alcohol, spicy and spicy food (pepper, vinegar, mustard), canned food, honey, chocolate, citrus.
If you are bothered by itching of the genital organs or anus, keep yourself clean, more to wash, after stool use soft toilet paper.
The reason may be in your nervous system, in this case, take sedatives prescribed by your doctor.
Local treatment of the lesions itching of spending by boron and zinc ointment with the addition of carbolic acid, benzocaine, menthol (also on prescription).
Several times a day to make hot or warm douches or baths, throwing them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
Use to treat itching sage in the form of infusion, decoction or bathing. In small amounts use it inside one teaspoon to brew a Cup of boiling water and drink as tea (in large amounts it can cause irritation and even poisoning).
Very good action has chamomile, brew it in the following proportions: 3 tablespoons in a liter of water boil for 5 minutes. Strain and use for baths, lotions, mouthwashes. Chamomile not only enhances the regenerative processes, but also stops the pain, reduces allergic reactions.
For the treatment of itchy skin lesions take corticosteroid ointment (sinalar, locacorten, prednisolone ointment) and apply to the affected area, sprinkle with talcum powder. In the morning remove the ointment with a swab dipped in boiled vegetable oil. Repeat the procedure every day for 1-2 months, then take a break.
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