Advice 1: How does a yeast infection in men

Contrary to popular belief, an unpleasant disease known as thrushis a concern not only women but also men. And quite often. At the first sign of candidiasis should consult a doctor and undergo treatment.
 How does a yeast infection in men

What is a yeast infection

Thrush is a disease that causes a yeast-like fungus Candida. It is for all people in the body. Its habitat – the mouth, intestines, genitals. Canlida may not show up until the immune system will not be a breach. In addition, thrush often occurs on a background of reception of antibiotics.

Women are more often affected by this disease, but men also face the problem of candidiasis or thrush. Men to this disease is more difficult to develop on the penis due to the fact that the fungus is washed off the urine. Because sometimes Candida can be localized even in the anal area.

Signs of yeast infection in men

Thrush in men can be identified by characteristic features. The head of the penis swells, becomes edematous, there is redness of her. Urination is often accompanied by burning and itching, sometimes a pain.

In addition, yeast infection has a negative effect on sensation during intercourse. A man can experience discomfort, discomfort, and pain. Classes unprotected sex during a yeast infection in men is fraught with the infected partner, and Vice versa. Treatment should be both sexual partners, regardless of an infected woman or not. This is a mandatory condition of recovery.

For thrush on the penis are almost always observed the formation of white Deposit, sometimes gray-white. If it is clear, you can see little sores. After some time, plaque appears again. Discharge from the urethra has an unpleasant odor.

By the way, a man gets a yeast infection often women suffering from this disease. And if he is the holder of a weak immune system, suffering from diabetes or prone to obesity, then he becomes a carrier of this disease. Untreated, the disease will from time to time to arise and bother the man again and again.

The consequences of a yeast infection for men

At the first sign of thrush should contact a doctor for advice to prevent the disease passing into the chronic form, and did not provoke Candida and urethritis Candida dermatitis. Chronic thrush often leads to cracking of the foreskin, which contributes to the dryness that accompanies the disease. All this together has a negative effect not only on the quality of sexual life, but men's self-esteem in General.

Advice 2 : How does a yeast infection in men

Thrush is predominantly a female disease, but it can become a problem for the male half of the population. Immune system men cope with the causative agent, the fungus Candida more effective is the source of the disease is usually just washed out of the male urethra. The development of thrush in men is an alarming sign, which indicates the presence of other diseases that undermine the immune system.
How does a yeast infection in men

The causes of the disease

A yeast infection is transmitted mainly by sexual activity, but sometimes it may not be related to the sexual life of the media. Candidiasis is more likely to occur if the human body occur favorable conditions for reproduction of the fungus:

- lowered immunity;
- prolonged use of some medicines;
- change of climate;
- psychological stress of a prolonged nature;
- serious chronic disease.
To avoid contamination, it is necessary to observe hygiene, strengthen the intestinal flora and to avoid long-term stress.

Symptoms of male thrush

Candidiasis in men is seen burning in the glans penis and foreskin. Redness. Also can form a white coating, which consistency can be compared to cottage cheese. These allocations occur during a yeast infection and women. On the background of edema on the penis is formed of a white film that covers the surface erosion of the skin.

With chronic disease on the penis can cause abrasion and scuff, and during sexual intercourse the man may experience pain and discomfort. Often there are unpleasant sensations when urinating. The fungus becomes the cause of the unpleasant, sour odor from sexual organ. During a long absence of treatment, the disease causes urethritis, in which appear thick mucous discharge from the urethra.
If you notice such symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor for a speedy recovery.

Diagnosis and treatment

Often for the diagnosis of diseases lack visual inspection of the doctor. To confirm the diagnosis of sowing is taken to identify the causative agent Candida using the method of direct immunofluorescence or DNA-diagnosis through a swab of the patient. Sometimes assigned additional studies of the organism to various infections and comorbidities.
For treatment of the disease a special diet is prescribed, which is chosen individually for each patient.

In the treatment are the same as those antifungal drugs, and women. In light of the disease, and apply special creams, suspensions and anti-fungal ointment. In chronic or acute form treatment involves antibiotic therapy. According to the results of diagnosis for other diseases separately prescribed drugs to enhance immunity. Thus eliminates the causes that cause the fungus to multiply.
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