Causes of white discharge

Copious white discharge that appears when strong sexual arousal, for men are the norm. Anxiety they should call in case it is not connected with similar intimacy.

White, cheesy discharge from the urethra observed in men with a yeast infection. It is quite rare, but it is the place to be. The reasons include the reduction of protective forces of the body, chemotherapy, antibiotics, infection from a sexual partner.

To experience a white discharge may urethritis. During the inflammatory process in the urethra mucosa begins to actively produce red blood cells, white liquid, slime. All this accumulates in areas of inflammation.

Discharge accompanied by burning and itching may indicate the presence in the body of infections such as chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma. If they have a foamy consistency, so a man infected with trichomoniasis.

Very unpleasant disease, accompanied by a white discharge and difficulty passing urine is prostatitis. In the case of the state in private life men suffers serious problems.

Thus, the discharge accompanied by discomfort are the result of the inflammatory process. It is a kind of protective reaction of the organism to infection. Moreover, the profusion of the discharge gives an indication of the extent of disease.

Treatment white discharge

With the appearance of suspicious white discharge, be sure to visit a specialist. Only he can prescribe adequate treatment. Before you can assign an appropriate course, the doctor sends the patient for tests. By using the microscopic method is determined by the presence of bacteria in the body. If necessary, appointed by the delivery of the seed funding on a nutrient medium. Treatment in most cases is with antibiotics, but to determine the exact causes of white discharge medications inexpedient. The doctor in this case can be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics, and after diagnosis – specific medications. In the process of therapeutic measures to exclude sexual relations or at least use a condom.

Self-administration of medicines at the appearance of the white discharge is highly undesirable. This can cause transfer of infection from the anterior part of the urethra to the back of the (prostate gland, testicles). In addition, self-medication can lead to impotence or infertility.