The meaning of men's intimate haircuts

Today, some men make an intimate hairstyle with just one purpose – to impress your partner and get a session of oral sex. Hygienic aspects at the same time are in the background – but their usefulness is indisputable, because "tonsured" manhood less sweating and looks much more aesthetically pleasing.

Modern beauty salons offer not only processing the hairline, but also his painting Hypo allergenic paints.

In addition, the intimate haircut creates a positive psychological approach to sex, removes inconveniences in the process of the sexual act, increases the arrogance of the man and gives the partner a visual treat. It can be done yourself in that case, if the haircut involves complete removal of hair from intimate areas. If the man decided to make a stylish haircut in the region of the penis, it is advisable to contact a professional technician.

Kinds of men's intimate haircuts

Most popular intimate haircut for men is a hairstyle "under a zero" (you can see photos on specialized sites), which visually enlarges the penis and changes women's attitudes to oral sex. The only downside of this haircut is mild discomfort during the first days after hair removal, and sidelong glances in the men's locker rooms and saunas. In second place is the popularity of the haircut "hedgehog", which you can do yourself with a trimmer in a few minutes. This hairstyle is easily refreshed when regrowth of vegetation and is considered for most women, a sign of grooming.

Experimenters and simple men with sense of humor love to shave pubic various shapes in the form of elephants, hearts, and other fun drawings.

Not less popular is a mixed cut, where the cut pubes trimmed, and the area of the genitals and buttocks fully shaved. This hairstyle includes all the advantages of previous versions, and also minus the complete removal of hair associated with discomfort during their regrowth. Today, men's intimate haircut are undoubtedly a very important benefit for care of men and does not imply homosexual. Variations on the theme of pictures haircuts there are so many, the main thing – to have enough courage, imagination and courage to decide on such a move and continue to practice it in the future.