You will need
  • - shaving gel;
  • - the machine;
  • - moisturizer;
  • - antibacterial lotion;
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - tweezers.
Take a warm bath. So the skin is better prepared for shaving, add a little sea salt. Rinse the perineum with mild soap or gel.
Remove the long hairs with scissors. Be extremely careful not to get hurt. Then rinse the skin with water. To shave off hairs from the machine is not recommended, as the tape will be quickly blunted, causing severe irritation.
Apply shaving gel to the area that you want to remove hairs, and wait a while. This is necessary to ensure that the vegetation became more soft, and elastic skin.
Put it in the machine a new tape and start to shave. Cut the hairs against their growth, gently pushing the folds of skin. Don't make too many moves the tape in one place – the skin will be injured and inflamed.
Rinse the perineum from the remnants of the shaving gel and apply a moisturizer. If you wanted to make a special picture, then use tweezers. Doing it by machine is extremely uncomfortable.
Wipe the skin with an antibacterial lotion a few days after shaving. Microscopic cuts heal not as fast as we would like. If you experience severe redness and acne, treat the sore spot with a tincture of calendula. Try to avoid grease on the lining, otherwise there will be burning.
Spivayte hairs once a week. Regular removal of vegetation from intimate places, the skin is less inflamed, as 'accustomed' to mechanical damage from the machine.