To shave the bikini line was efficient and easy, get first from the long hairs with scissors because a razor with them can not cope. Be careful, with one hand, hold the hairs by the tips, so as not to injure the skin in the intimate area.
To shave the bikini area, use disposable machines, it is much more hygienic. However, in modern shops is rare to find such a razor of good quality, so most women used a more expensive reusable machines with replaceable blades. You can see women's and men's razors. The first are safer for shaving bikini area, as they have special strips for a gentler hair removal with moisturizer.
Shaving the bikini area correctly you should use a special foam or gel, which is uniformly applied to lightly dampened with water skin. Women's and men's shaving tools are odor and content of moisturizers, however it is possible to use for hair removal in the bikini area and those and others. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to buy a special tool for delicate skin.
Drive the machine in the direction of hair growth. In this shave, you will avoid ingrown hairs.
To prolong the effect from shaving bikini area, apply to the skin a tool that slows hair growth. It will not only make the removal of overgrown hair in an intimate place more rare, but also moisturize the skin and soothe it.
As for the choice of hair style, here the only limitation will be your imagination. Modern women even go to special salons, where you can make a drawing and any curly haircut at the intimate place to surprise the man she loved. However, most often shave the entire hair growth area, leaving a thin vertical strip in the center, starting it a few inches above the labia.
If you do not know how to shave the bikini area, try first to remove just the hairs that are visible because of panty lines. You can occasionally experiment with hairstyles, then you will definitely find for yourself the most convenient option.