You will need
  • - analgesic or 100 grams of strong alcohol
  • - women's razor
  • strips with wax
  • - nail clippers
  • - red pencil
  • - a piece of paper
  • - tweezers
Decide where you will do a little manscaping. If you want to get it perfect, it is better to go to a salon. The wizard prompts you to choose a pattern and make waxing or sugaring - sugar wax. Before you go for the procedure, drink a couple of tablets of painkiller to waxing was not very painful.
If you want to make an intimate haircut yourself, start with a drawing. Draw on paper or cut from a magazine pattern that you like. If you do a bikini wax yourself for the first time, start with simple patterns. It may be a box or diamond tongue of flame.
Attach the stencil to the desired location and circle it in red pencil. The hair around future drawing remove in the usual way. If you use a razor or depilatory cream, wax strips, an hour before drink a painkiller or a bit of strong alcohol to reduce pain.
Carefully trim with scissors the area of the pattern on a intimate place. If some hairs are knocked out of the picture, remove them with tweezers.