Advice 1: How to make an intimate haircut

Modern fashion dictates even the most intimate parts of the body. It has long been considered good practice to remove unwanted vegetation in the bikini area. Some people prefer to shave off hairs on panty lines, and tango Thong. Someone voted for full hair removal. An intermediate option and a pleasant variety may be intimate haircut, which is possible in the salon and at home.
pubic hair has a magical effect on sexual life!
You will need
  • - analgesic or 100 grams of strong alcohol
  • - women's razor
  • strips with wax
  • - nail clippers
  • - red pencil
  • - a piece of paper
  • - tweezers
Decide where you will do a little manscaping. If you want to get it perfect, it is better to go to a salon. The wizard prompts you to choose a pattern and make waxing or sugaring - sugar wax. Before you go for the procedure, drink a couple of tablets of painkiller to waxing was not very painful.
If you want to make an intimate haircut yourself, start with a drawing. Draw on paper or cut from a magazine pattern that you like. If you do a bikini wax yourself for the first time, start with simple patterns. It may be a box or diamond tongue of flame.
Attach the stencil to the desired location and circle it in red pencil. The hair around future drawing remove in the usual way. If you use a razor or depilatory cream, wax strips, an hour before drink a painkiller or a bit of strong alcohol to reduce pain.
Carefully trim with scissors the area of the pattern on a intimate place. If some hairs are knocked out of the picture, remove them with tweezers.
- if you remove hair shaving machine, you will need to make a correction intimate haircut possible every day, so it was not overgrown.

- do not do a bikini wax a few days before, during and after menstruation
Useful advice
to steam the skin and prepare it for the procedure, take a bath.

- for the full effect, you can paint a little manscaping, for example, white or bright red color. Use only natural dyes.

Advice 2: How to make a men's haircut at home

In order to undercut your man does not have to go to the Barber shop and leave there a lot of money. Enough to get a pair of scissors, combs and clippers. Now hair can be perform at home, without waiting in line.
How to make a men's haircut at home
You will need
  • First you need to buy all the necessary tools for "small home beauty shop". This clipper hair (not necessarily to buy Pro), a well-sharpened pair of scissors, several combs (with rare and frequent teeth), Cape on the shoulders (can be made at home or to take a normal sheet), spray bottle and clips or hair pins.
If your "client" short hair, most hairstyles can be done very simply – with the help of machines. Hair length can be changed depending on the nozzle. Using the same machines that a person can be to shave your head.
Machine you can create and popular patterns on the hair. But this is another level that requires some training and experience.
In case, if your men hair long or medium in length and heavily shorten them he disagrees, you will need to do with scissors.
Cut long hair:the face is divided into zones: the occipital, temporal and parietal. The hair is moistened with water from a spray bottle, left occipital area, and kill the rest of the hair with hair clamps. Hair in the selected area gently comb, separate the upper strand, pinch it between index and middle finger of the left hand and pull to the desired length. Hair exactly trimmed about an inch under your fingers. Then in the right hand take the comb combing cropped strand together with the new together and clamped them between his fingers. New strand is cut at the line first. Similarly, the other shear zones in the following order: occipital, temporal, parietal.
After the haircut is completed, you need to draw its contours. So the hairstyle will be complete. There are two kinds of this design – piping and shading. Piping is the creation of the contour of the slice of hair. The most common edging – oval, round or trapezoidal. Edging for bangs are oblique, straight and asymmetrical.
The shading is a smooth transition from long hair to short on the edge of their growth. The best thing to do shading with the help of scissors and comb. It looks like this: in the left hand take the comb in your right hand, the scissors. Slowly move the comb, cutting off protruding under her hair. Do the same thing then in the opposite direction.
Useful advice
Of course, you get it all at once. The best is to ask someone of the knowledgeable people to show you how to cut. So you will be able to understand the technique and not being afraid to make mistakes, to begin the haircut.
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