Piercing is not for men?

Why, in fact, male body piercing is still considered to be we got something out of the ordinary? Because men do not pierce their ears to wear the same earrings for women with diamonds. And if they do it, but not massively. In fact, many will be interested to know that piercing is his long history with men. Ancient tribes of our ancestors decorated their bodies with various tattoos and ritual piercings, believing that it will give them strength and give wisdom. To this day there are tribes where men pierce their nipples, lips, nose and even genitals.

What is piercing of the modern man, living in the city? The reasons are many. Most often, such a step are solved by teenagers, in an effort to stand out from the crowd and find your own style. Another group of men looking for a way to shock the public and cause talking about myself. This category includes many people of art: artists, musicians or pop singers. Do not forget that the piercing is part of a separate subculture. Today on the streets you can meet people who punctures your body in a variety of places and enjoying the aesthetic and moral pleasure.

Do all as in women

Interestingly, nipple piercings, so popular today among women, was originally invented for men. Puncture nipple spoke about the increased sexuality of men and also greatly enhance the sensitivity of the pierced area that, undoubtedly, did the owner like jewelry more adept in pleasures of love.

It is worth noting that today is probably no more places for piercings, which would be available for one sex and is not available for another. Ears, nose, eyebrows, tongue and cheeks with pleasure is pierced by both men and women. But the jewelry in the navel remains the women's prerogative – men of such type of piercing, for some reason, is not attractive.

Intimate theme

What should dwell is intimate male piercing, this area of puncture of the body in men, as you know, is significantly different from the female. No need to think that this kind of decoration – a perversion, because the main purpose of the man doing her vagina puncture – to deliver more pleasure to your partner during intimacy!