The easiest way to get rid of unwanted hair on intimate place is shaving. Advantages of this technique is accessibility, speed of execution, and also whocanyield to improvise and create a variety of erotic hairstyles. The disadvantages include the rapid regrowth of the hair, as well as a high likelihood of irritation and cuts. In order for the consequences of shaving was minimal, you must first wet the hair with warm water, apply a gel or shaving cream, and then gently remove the hair on hair growth (if you go against the growth, then the risk of cuts and subsequent ingrowth hairs rise). After the procedure, cosmetologists advise to apply on the bikini area moisturizer.
Shaving also allows you to experiment with intimate hairstyles: show imagination you can learn to create an entire picture. Experienced beauticians suggest to start with a simple: neat stripes or circles, and then move on to more complex arts.
Another method of hair removal - remove unwanted hair using the cream. Advantages of this method is ease of use and more lasting result than shaving. The disadvantages include the possibility of irritation and allergic reactions. To avoid this, try the cream on a small area of skin if irritation does not arise - start procedure.
More long-term ways of getting rid of pubic hair - waxing (hot or cold) and sugaring (sugar depilation). These methods allow you to do the bikini area smooth for 2-3 weeks, but it is quite painful. This also increases the chance of ingrown hairs. To avoid this, you should consult a qualified master courses, and after the procedure to observe a number of rules, which includes periodic scrubbing etilirovannogo area, as well as skin hydration creams.
If you want to get rid of hair permanently, you should contact a medical center, which provides services of hair removal, electrolysis or laser hair removal. These procedures have contraindications, so you first need to consult with your doctor. Such hair removal is very effective for some procedures, you can achieve the complete disappearance of hair. The disadvantages include the high cost of the procedures.