If you are faced with betrayal by your best friend and you realize that friendship with this person was a huge mistake, you can try to get back at her for the pain she caused. Psychologists believe that the most important revenge can be apathy and indifference on your part. React to her act calm, ignore it, do not be like the traitor and begin to wage war. Just cut off all communication with such an unreliable and man, let him do whatever he wants.
If you do not wish to leave the treachery to go unpunished, use the same methods. You've probably been friends for a long time and should know about all the experiences, secrets, and fears of a friend. Share this information with someone who is famous for tattling and rumors. Just try to do it anonymously, to not give himself away. Most likely, you don't want your other friends started to consider you a bad friend telling secrets of others.
Your ex girlfriend did a bad thing and betrayed you. So tell all your friends and common acquaintances. Let them know how despicable the person is in your company. Thus, people will cease to trust her with their secrets and begin to avoid contact with a potential traitor. Then followed the lonely and likely to remorse your girlfriend.
Another version of female revenge - petty mischief. Pretend that he forgave his beloved friend and will continue to communicate with her. Come to visit her, add her shampoo remedy for hair removal or perfume and do other nonsense. All the cards in your hands. However, to make such actions it is better to wait for some time and have a close encounter with this girl, so she started to guess what was the reason for its failure.
In addition, you can use social networks and Dating sites. Create a page on her behalf and place a phone number, let the traitor responsible day and night for Intrusive calls and listens to various suggestions.
After your revenge will be successfully executed, you can smile to tell ex girlfriend about what you become the organizer of all the bad things that happened to her, and ask her own guess on the reason for your behavior. Perhaps in the future it will cease to commit treason and start to appreciate friendship.