Find out the nearest exchange office and visit him. The most reliable and fast place to exchange operations is the Bank. You can find out which banks offer the best exchange rates euros to dollars. To do this, visit the website of the Central Bank or browse economic news one of the Central TV channels. To carry out exchange operations in an appropriate institution, in addition to cash, you will need to provide passport details.
You can sell the EUR / USD cross-rate. This means that we first exchanged euros for any single currency is a specified currency is exchanged for dollars. In some cases, such operations can be more profitable direct exchange. However, apply them should only experienced holders of foreign currency accounts, not hearsay familiar with the operations in the Forex market.
Open two Bank accounts in dollars and euros. So you can quickly carry out exchange operations, providing only the account number for debiting, the card number of the holder of accounts or passport details. Many organizations allow their customers to conduct such transactions via Internet banking or telephone services. Also, both accounts can be linked to the plastic card if, for example, you're travelling and are planning to make a currency exchange abroad.
Exchange euros for dollars abroad. If you are sure that you will be able to use the services of banks or exchange offices abroad, it is enough to carry currency in the relevant country and to exchange for dollars already there. However, if you plan to conduct operations with cash, the loss in such an exchange are more likely to be greater than in the case of an it in Russia.