Uniform criteria for the diagnosis of this disease does not exist. However, experts agree that premature ejaculation can be clearly considered as ejaculation taking place before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. While failures are relatively rare or non-existent, it makes sense to think about prevention.
Prevent premature ejaculation will help special exercises. For urination and ejaculation meet the special muscles in the penis. With quality training, you can expect a positive result in terms of control over ejaculation. It is the deliberate delaying urinating for 10-15 seconds. Enough to perform the exercise 1-2 times per day.
Popular and effective technique - grip penis at the base, when a man feels the approach of ejaculation. It is impossible to loosen the grip before I disappear the feeling of imminent ejaculation. It is important to take a deep, slow breath, then relax and exhale.
Extend the preparation for copulation. Since men get excited faster than women, foreplay "resets" the unnecessary tension and helps you relax. The sexual contacts must occur with sufficient frequency. It is recommended to perform repeated sexual acts, which in any case will be longer than previous.
For quality sexual health men great importance is the behavior of the partner. If premature ejaculation has happened several times, she in no case can not react to ridicule and criticism. Such will only aggravate the situation, forcing the man to withdraw into themselves and to wait in horror of failure. The woman should support her partner and delicately to take the initiative in solving the problem.