You will need
  • Music for relaxation, mint tea or warm milk with honey, scented sticks.
Go to bed in good spirits. Bedtime drink a glass of warm milk with honey or mint tea, light scented sticks. At this time, try to think about good things. Renounce negative thoughts, thinking about the bad day or an unpleasant situation. Put the focus on something peaceful and harmless. It will calm your nervous system and will help you quickly and soundly to sleep.
Meditate. Meditation technique will help you gain emotional balance and harmony. Every night at the same time in 10-15 minutes complete the following exercise: sit in a comfortable position for you, make sure that you are nothing and no one will bother you. Close your eyes, deeply inhale and exhale, repeating to myself "Inhale" when you inhale and "Exhale" when you exhale. Focus only on your breathing.
Sleep at least 7 hours. Proper sleep ensures complete recovery of all resources of the body, spent the day. Create your bedroom conditions for the circulation of air or ventilate the room before bedtime. Air enriched with oxygen, has a beneficial effect on all the processes in the body, including the nervous system.
Take a walk before going to sleep. Low physical activity contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, enriching the blood with oxygen and increase the level of pleasure hormones.