The main reason for the onset of male menopause (in science - andropause) are changes associated with a significant decrease in the production of the important sex hormone testosterone. Studies have shown that in the male body to octogenarian age testosterone is produced in the amount of 50 percent less when compared with the norm.

It should be noted that andropause is not only the problem of sexual plan, but also an occasion to think once more about maintaining your health. In particular, at this age men are especially needed prevention and detection of diseases, timely treatment of BPH. You should also at least 1-2 times a year to visit a cardiologist, urologist, internist, and other specialists in chronic diseases.

Symptoms of male menopause is:

  • there is a feeling of constant fatigue, mood changes frequently;
  • sexual attraction to the partner is reduced, and in some cases completely disappear;
  • man begins to torment severe sweating, unusual hot flashes, increased heart palpitations;
  • comes more frequent urination, a man has to stand up to urinate at night;
  • observed endocrine disruption, expressed as the increase in the weight muscle mass is significantly reduced, while fat increases. Bones become more brittle (in andropause in men dramatically increases the risk of household injuries);
  • indicators of hemoglobin in the blood fall.

Of course, not all of these symptoms must feel every man who entered the age of andropause. Sometimes the male menopause and completely asymptomatic, and the person did not even notice. In some cases, prevail individual manifestations, whereas other systems of the body continue to function properly and clearly.

Doctors say that ladies in menopause are becoming more attentive to their health. In particular, many women turn to gynecologist, to spend treatment of cervical erosion. Unfortunately, men because of their psychological characteristics, resort to medical care infrequently. However, a timely visit to a specialist will allow you to avoid many critical moments and complications of andropause, thereby significantly improving the quality of life.